How to Change Your Bank Information in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a premier accounting software that enables users to run their business appropriately. QuickBooks Desktop with an active payroll service can assist you to pay your employees using the direct deposit feature. Configure a direct deposit for employees utilizing this feature. Sometimes, you can change your direct deposit bank account in QuickBooks. Suppose you can’t change QuickBooks direct deposit bank account, then you must call QuickBooks Support Number to troubleshoot this error.

How to Transform Default Bank Account in QuickBooks?

Suppose you wish to evolve the default bank account in QuickBooks; few rectifying steps are given below.

Method – 1 Attach the New Bank Account in QuickBooks Desktop

Summate a new bank account to the QuickBooks Desktop Charts of Accounts.

  • Choose charts of accounts from the QuickBooks lists
  • Now, press the Accounts button, and then choose the New option
  • Next, choose a bank and then further choose it
  • Mention all the essential information about your bank that you want to adjoin
  • Lastly, choose the save and the close option to maintain your changes.

Method – 2 Upgrade Your Bank Information on Payroll

Re-enter the information in the QuickBooks payroll account management portal to remove QuickBooks online wrong account details. Go through the below steps to enter the updated bank details on the payroll portal.

  • Choose employees, then my payroll service, then accounts or billing information in your QuickBooks payroll account management section
  • Now, log in using Intuit account login information
  • Then, search to the payroll info section and choose edit under the Direct Deposit Bank Account
  • Next, provide your payroll PIN, then choose
  • Type the new bank account details, and then choose
  • Wait for the finalization and then close it.

After upgrading your bank account details on payroll, move to the next step that includes verifying the new account.

Method – 3 Authenticate Your New Direct Deposit Bank Account

Attest your bank account for a direct deposit feature by following the below-given steps in QuickBooks.

  • Choose my payroll service from the employees’ tab and then further choose Account/Billing information
  • Login to your Intuit account using appropriate account credentials
  • Now, move to the payroll info section and choose to verify under the direct deposit bank account option
  • Mention and confirm your payroll pin
  • Press submit to complete the task.

When you wish to create paychecks in the application, transform a direct deposit bank account in QuickBooks Desktop to default.

Upgrade Your Bank Account via Fax or Email

Suppose you never wish to change the QuickBooks online direct deposit account; there are other options available to upgrade it via email or fax.

If you wish to debit your new bank account, then activate your new account. You can’t make payment until your account is verified or activated. Suppose your account is not verified; issue paper checks.

Assistance from a Certified QB Expert

If you require any assistance to upgrade your QuickBooks account for direct deposit from a certified expert, you must call QuickBooks Customer Service Number to get some appropriate tips. QuickBooks have well-qualified, capable and fully-trained experts to upgrade the QuickBooks account.