How to Fix Email Errors in QuickBooks Desktop?

Let you know what to do if you see some error messages at your QuickBooks Desktop. If you are looking for a message like “Not Able to Send Your Email to Outlook by QuickBooks”. There is no need to worry as it is the setting message shown to you. Follow the steps to eradicate this issue and you can send emails with QuickBooks to Outlook. If you are experiencing a login issue with Microsoft 365, then also update it.

Steps to Resolve Email Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Method 1 – Edit Your Admin Privileges

Make sure about QuickBooks is not set to run as an administrator

  • Shut Down QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then, Click and Open Windows “Start” Menu
  • Select “Open File Location” by right-clicking at the QuickBooks icon
  • Right-click at QuickBooks.exe file from the folder and select “Properties”
  • Click to Select “Compatibility Tab”
  • Select to unfollow “Run this Program as Administrator” and then show setting for All Users
  • Select “Apply” and tab “Ok”

Test the QuickBooks and open it and send a test email or transaction, if it is showing an error move to the second method.

Method 2 – Edit Your Email Preferences in QuickBooks

  • In QuickBooks, choose the “Edit” menu and then move to “Preferences”. If you are using Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server, then open and sign in to Outlook before you move to another option.
  • Select “Send Forms” from the menu. Move to the “My Preferences” Tab
  • Select “Outlook” as your email option
  • Select Ok

Now send a test email, and if you are again facing this issue, then toggle your preferences

  • Choose to select the “Edit” menu and move to “Preferences”
  • Select “Send Forms” from the menu and then move to the “My Preferences” tab
  • Select QuickBooks Email or Webmail, then select “Ok”. This will toggle your preferences off
  • Repeat the above steps and tap the option My Preferences again and then, outlook and then Ok
  • Close all open programs with QuickBooks
  • Now, Restart your Computer

If again facing the same error, then follow the next method

Method 3 – Check Your Internet Explorer

QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer to run various types of web services in the background. You should need to reset your email preferences there.

  • Close QuickBooks
  • Open the Internet Explorer
  • Choose or move to “Tools” and then go to the “Settings” menu and then “Internet Options”
  • Choose the “Programs” Tab. Then select “Set Programs”
  • Choose “Set Your Default Programs”. Then select the email service you wish to choose
  • Choose Apply and then Okay
  • Close Internet Explorer

If you are facing the same issue then move to Method 4

Method 4 – Repair MAPI32.dll

First, run one test to clear about email not sending issue

  • Restart Computer
  • Create a document with MS Word
  • Then, choose to click on the “File” option, and “Send” and then, click on “Email as a PDF attachment”

If you are able to send an email with Microsoft Word, then follow the next method to resolve the QuickBooks issue and repair MAPI32.dll

  • Close all the opened Programs
  • Open Windows “Start” Menu
  • Search and Open “File Explorer”
  • Type “C:\Windows\System32” to search option
  • Then, Find and click to open Fixmapi.exe. Follow the steps shown on the screen
  • After Repair Finishes, then Restart Your Computer

If again you are facing this issue of not sending email to Outlook with QuickBooks Desktop, then contact QuickBooks customer service number to resolve this error.