How do I find a Missing Transaction in QuickBooks?

Can’t find out the missing transactions in QuickBooks? While working in a college, firm or private organization, you have to maintain all transactional reports done through QuickBooks. Transactions are missing due to some reason, and you will get it back after taking the expert guidance through QuickBooks phone number and all transactions will be exported instantly.

QuickBooks software is used to store, manage and maintain all accounting works hassle-free.  The most trusted software QuickBooks helps you to create invoices, manage cash flow and keep all transaction reports. Accounting, business payments and payroll departments are handled by you through QuickBooks. This software also supports you to develop your small and medium businesses.

Customers can perceive all information about transactions by using QuickBooks once the financial data is updated. But, it sometimes happens that you can’t find transactions in QuickBooks because these are missing. No need to worry about it, you will get it back after following some troubleshooting steps given below.

What are the Steps to Fix Missing Transactions in QuickBooks?

You need to access QuickBooks manually if you can’t find out the missing transactions. Below are given few steps to restore the missing transactions in QuickBooks.

  1. Inspect Audit Report

When you inspect the audit report, you will see all the transactional reports and deleted transactions. It is a single platform where users can manipulate company details, accounting information, products names and payroll work. To open an audit report, you must follow a few points given below.

  • Open the Reports menu and choose Accountant and Taxes option there
  • Then, move to the Audit Trail option where you can modify your transactional reports by transaction date, type and name.
  1. Search Company File

Here, you have to search for an exact file from multiple company files. A company may have extensive data where insertion and deletion take place. It is never simple to get the missing points in transactional reports.  But, you can find an easy way through QuickBooks where you can open and sign-in to your company file by pressing the F2 key. The product information window will appear, and it will show the exact details and file information you are searching for. Now, you can choose the details from the file that are deleted or modified.

  1. Search Condensed Details

Condense is a feature in QuickBooks used to remove redundant or unwanted data from the company file for any reason. You can also reduce the company file size and free-up a lot of space in it. If you wish to take out the unused data, you can export it after entering the date range for which you require data.

  1. Re-enter Your Deleted or Missed Transactions

 It’s never easy to find out or memorize the missed or deleted transactions on a large company file. The only way to restore the missing data of the transaction is by re-entering it again in the file. Whenever you see that any transaction is missing, then re-enter the data in the company file.

If the above details are not supportive for you to restore deleted or missing transactions again, you have to call QuickBooks toll-free number to get back your missing transactions instantly. It is available to take up your call all the time 24/7 hours.