How To Fix QuickBooks Company File Too Large Issue?

quickbooks company file too large

QuickBooks company file too large is an error in the program that can cause several hindrances when running the program. There is no such limitation defined; however, when the file size stretches the limit of 150 MB in QuickBooks Pro or Premier or 1GB in QuickBooks Enterprise, it starts working sluggishly, making the operations prone to several technical issues. Also, you may not be able to attach the file over an email.

Intuit company file allows users to save their financial data in the program. Besides, you can share it with other users and define various levels of password-protected access permissions. If you are facing a QuickBooks file too large to email issue and need help, navigate through this post until the end.

Factors That Can Affect The Size Of Your Data File

QuickBooks company file stores all the financial information of a business. It stores various items, such as customers, classes, jobs, invoices, and various others. However, when the number of items increases, causing the company file to swell up, varied issues can be experienced in the program. One of the main factors that can affect the size of the data file is:

Number of Items in The File

The different versions of the QuickBooks applications allow different file size limits to run smoothly. However, when the number of items, such as class, items, and class increases in your file’s possession, you will start getting issues with it. There is a catch! If you are using QuickBooks Pro or the Premier version of the program, entries of less than 10,000 can go well with the program. However, with the passing years, the number of items surpasses the number, and the trouble starts. You may also face difficulty when attaching the QuickBooks data file in an email.

How To Fix QuickBooks Company File Too Large Problem?

Now that we are aware of the possible reason behind the company file size tool large problem let’s discuss some effective solutions to reduce the size of your data file.

1.Upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise

If you are using QuickBooks Pro or Premier versions of the program, then you can switch to the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise version. However, QuickBooks Enterprise can be way more expensive as compared to the basic version of the program. In such a case, you can consider some other ways to deal with this issue.

2.Condense Past Years Using QuickBooks Clean Up Data Feature

This is an incredible utility in the QuickBooks application that can help users condense the past year. Using this option, the users can replace the number of transactions of the previous years with a smaller journal entry. It will erase your past details; however, the P&L and the Balance sheet will remain intact. When performing this solution, it is advised you keep a backup of your QuickBooks data file. It can help you if you will ever need this data in the future.

3: Remove All Transactions With QuickBooks Clean Up Data

An alternative solution to the QuickBooks file too large to email is that you can remove all the transactions with QuickBooks Clean Up Data and make a new company file. It will not remove the vendor/customer lists and other items lists. Once all your transactions are removed, you can create opening balances for the accounts from a particular date. The list may include bills, invoices, inventory, and bank accounts. It requires the user to be knowledgeable and experienced in performing accounting tasks. In such a condition, you can also consider assistance from an expert.

4: Creating A New QuickBooks Company File

If you have no option left, create a brand new data file in QuickBooks to resolve the file size problem. When you choose this option, you will have to create opening balances for all accounts. You will also need to create item lists to make this procedure successful. This procedure can be implemented in the following situations:

  • When the current data file is too large and is causing trouble in the smooth handling of the financial data.
  • The database is damaged to an irreversible extent. In this situation, you can choose to create a new company file or consult an expert professional about repairing your data file.

Can’t Send As QuickBooks File is Too Large to Email

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to attach your QuickBooks data file to the email due to its large size. In such a case, it becomes difficult to transfer your data file to other users, considering data security is very important. However, QuickBooks enables users with various options to share their financial data. Some of these options are:

Transferring Accountant’s Copy File

When in the QuickBooks file menu, you can initiate the process to create the accountant’s copy of the file. You can mention a dividing date and it will freeze all the previous transactions so that you can work with the most recent activities.

Multi-User Mode

Setting up QuickBooks multi-user mode allows the company owners to share the financial data file with multiple users at the same time. Besides, they can also protect the file with different levels of access permissions while sharing it with others.

There are some other effective ways that can be considered when a QuickBooks file is too large to email.

Ending Words!

The procedures described in this post can help you in reducing the size of your data file when it starts causing trouble in the smooth operation of your business accounting processes. Not all users can perform these procedures, but all of them can access help from a trained professional. If you need help, connect with our help desk, and our experts will offer one-on-one assistance with the error resolution.

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