Each year, Intuit releases a new version of the QuickBooks Desktop Version. This blog will provide all the relevant information about the new features and updates in the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version. So, if you also want to learn about the new updates in QuickBooks Desktop 2022, stay tuned and read this blog post until the last word.

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Subscription

In 2022, QuickBooks desktop has changed the name of its Pro, Premier, and Mac products to the Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Mac Plus subscriptions. QuickBooks has also added many unique features to all its subscription models. So, let’s have a detailed look at the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

  • So here is the list of the new features that users can access from the QuickBooks Desktop 2022.
  • Enhanced 64-bit computing power increases the QuickBooks performance speed by 38%.
  • New vendor scheduling and bill payment features.
  • The new interface of QuickBooks desktop, mobile application.
  • Customize your approval for bills
  • Quick money deposits, when though when customers pay on weekends, holidays, and nights
  • Payment links
  • Automatic bill entry feature through the new mobile application.
  • Easy and hassle-free attachments of documents to transactions through the mobile application.
  • Modify or change bill payment stubs.
  • List of all the customers to solve the problems while sending emails to customers.

What’s New in QuickBooks 2022 for Mac

The new features the users will be able to avail of from the QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 are as follows.

  • Easily export to Excel in just one click.
  • 24/7 availability of customer care team.
  • Compatibility with Apple silicon processor.
  • Automatic recurring statements.
  • Receipt management.
  • Automatic news categorization and batch editing in bank feed.
  • Generate new rule-based customer groups.
  • Access to hide rows and columns for improving reporting.
  • Accessibility to direct connect to Gmail.
  • Customer list for sending emails.

New QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Features in Detailed

Let’s understand in-depth the new QuickBooks desktop 2022 features and how they are useful and important for your businesses.

  • Advanced Processing Power of 64-bit: This feature will enable you to accomplish your accounting features faster and easier with a quicker and more reliable QuickBooks version. With this feature, QuickBooks desktop 2022 is now 38% faster than the last version.
  • Quick pay and schedule bills: The quick pay and schedule bills feature will help you manage your cash flow more flexibly. You can directly pay bills in QuickBooks from your debit card, credit card, or bank account. Vendors can also receive money via bank transfer or physical check.
  • Webgility e-commerce Integration: Now, you can easily track your revenue source from different online selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.
  • Upload and Attach Documents: With this feature, users now have the option to attach documents to the transactions through the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile application.
  • Create Multiple Customer Contacts: QuickBooks users can add multiple customer contacts to their batch emails. It will help the users send new emails more quickly by selecting the customer under the list of customers and vendors’ contacts.
  • Quick Money Deposit: Now, through the quick money deposit feature, users will receive money directly and instantly when the customer pays them. You will receive the money instantly, even if it’s night, weekend, or holiday.

New Features in QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022

Let’s have a look at the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 features.

1. Online Bill Payment through Melio

In the new version of QuickBooks, users can now easily access the online bill payment by Melio by selecting the “vendors” option and then click on the “Pay Bills” option. Whenever the user pays a vendor bill with a type of payment that includes the individual fee for processing, the QuickBooks will automatically create a vendor known as “Melio” and assign the fee as a vendor bill.

The features of bill payment by Melio under the QuickBooks desktop are as follows.

  • Pre-schedule a payment for a specific day.
  • Make payments easily by ACH, Debit, or credit card.
  • Payments can be made directly to vendors through ACH or paper checks.

2. Auto Bill Creation Uploaded by Bill Vendor

Through the bill updated feature, users can easily click and upload a picture of the bill. To manually do it, go to QuickBooks > Vendors > Upload and Review Bills in the menu bar.
Features of Mobile Upload Functions:

  • Easily upload vendor bills by your phone and email them their invoices.
  • Images are processed with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce a new transaction for your vendor for review.

3. Emailing the Vendor Bills

You can increase the quality and consistency of vendor communications with the help of emailing customized vendor bill payment stubs. These payment stubs can be modified in the templates through the list menu.

4. Select many email addresses of each customer

You can now choose various email addresses from the drop-down list while sending invoices through emails to customers.

5. Discovery Hub

Search for new features in QuickBooks Plus 2022 under the discovery hub at the top right side of the menu screen.

New Pricing of QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Even by adding new and updated features in the QuickBooks desktop 2022 version, Intuit has also increased the price plans for all of its versions. So, let’s look at the new price chart for all of the versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

QuickBooks Old Version Name Pricing of 2021 QuickBooks New Version Name Pricing of 2022
QuickBooks Pro $299.99 per year QuickBooks Pro Plus $349.99 per year
QuickBooks Premier $499.99 per year QuickBooks Premier Plus $549.99 per year
QuickBooks Enterprise $1213 per year QuickBooks Enterprise Plus $1275 per year
QuickBooks Mac $399.99 for one time license QuickBooks Mac Plus $349.99 per year

QuickBooks Desktop 2022 V/S 2021 Version


QuickBooks Desktop 2022 QuickBooks Desktop 2021
QuickBooks Desktop Mobile Application No Yes
Bill Payments and Vendor Scheduling Yes Yes
Webgility e-commerce Integration No Yes
Instant bank Deposits Yes Yes
Payment Links No Yes
Customized Bill Payments Stubs No Yes
Multiple contacts per customers No Yes


In 2022, QuickBooks has listened very carefully to user reviews and needs. With the new version, QuickBooks has added many new versions, and the mobile application is among them. The availability of mobile applications has enabled the new users to upload or attach documents to the transactions, import bills, and perform other tasks on mobile.
Now, users have access to their QuickBooks desktop application from their mobile device and can manage their business from anywhere and anytime.
For businesses in the field of online sellers, users now have the Webgility integration feature that helps to connect with their preferred e-commerce solutions easily.

Why Should You Upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Version?

Intuit every year releases a new year of QuickBooks desktop version. This year, QuickBooks has released the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version, in which the mobile application is one of the best features. Although, by providing new and best features, QuickBooks has also increased the price rates of all of their versions.
By paying some extra pennies, users can access all the updated features of QuickBooks, which will help the business owners grasp the new opportunities more easily.
If you have a license number for the older version of QuickBooks, then you can continue using the previous version. Although, remember that the previous version of QuickBooks will no longer be available after three years. Additionally, the QuickBooks payroll will also be discontinued. That’s why it’s always recommended to use the latest versions of QuickBooks desktop to take your business results touches the sky.

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The Last Words

This blog has provided all the information about the new QuickBooks version 2022. In case you have any query related to the new topic, then feel free to reach out to us through the chat box, or you can also mail us your query at info@quickbooksorg.com. Our experienced and professional experts with in-depth knowledge about QuickBooks are available 24*7*365 days to assist you by providing the best solution.
Thanks for being here at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does QuickBooks Desktop is a one-time subscription?

A: The QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is available for users under a yearly subscription, with an additional cost for each user. By purchasing the yearly subscription, users do not have to renew the subscription till the year passes.

2. Can the QuickBooks Desktop application be used on different computers simultaneously?

A: If you have purchased the single-user license for the QuickBooks desktop version, then that license will allow you to install and use the software of two different PCs by ensuring that you own both systems. By installing the software on two different computers, you can also manage your work at work and at home.

3. Can I transfer my QuickBooks Desktop 2022 from one PC to another?

A: QuickBooks allows its users to transfer QuickBooks licenses from one PC to another. For transferring the QuickBooks, you must note down your QuickBooks license number and product number. You can easily find these details by opening the QuickBooks desktop application, going to the “Help” option, and then clicking on the “About QuickBooks” option.

4. Where Can I find the QuickBooks backup company file?

A: To find the QuickBooks backup company file, go to the C:\ Users\ Public\ Public Documents\ Intuit\ QuickBooks.

5. How many years can I use the QuickBooks desktop version of 2022?

A: Each year, the QuickBooks desktop application is available for three years. Similarly, the QuickBooks desktop version 2022 will be available till 2025 year. After that, the users will not be able to take any help from their official team for their version or even cannot use the payroll services.