How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15106?

QuickBooks error 15106 is related to upgrading performance and whenever a user tries to perform QuickBooks update, they get a message “the upgrade performance is not carried on well: Error 15106”. This error code is mainly occurred due to firewall interruption during the QuickBooks update procedure. You will get troubleshooting tips and reasons behind this error code in this blog. To resolve it quickly, you must take expert guidance by calling QuickBooks customer service number and they will provide you with appropriate solutions.

What Do You Know About QuickBooks Error 15106 While Upgrading QuickBooks Payroll?

Once you install software called Windows Installer on your system through which you can install and uninstall programs. If it gets damaged or corrupted, a few applications won’t get upgraded soon. Similarly, QuickBooks react when a windows installer gets is not functioning properly and shows a 15106 error code during its upgrades.

So, if you have faced QuickBooks Payroll error 15106, repair the installer and delete the third-party applications creating a disturbance during its functioning.

Causes behind QuickBooks to Rectify QB Error 15106?

There are various causes behind QuickBooks error code 15106 as you have previously discussed one of the causes of Windows installer damage or corrupt performance during QuickBooks updates. Few causes are listed below.

  • QuickBooks installation process can’t install proper application components for updating
  • Installation of Webroot antivirus detects QuickBooks installer as a potential threat and interfere its operations on Windows
  • Suppose your account doesn’t have administrative rights, then you may get QuickBooks upgrade error 15106
  • Windows user account control settings interfere with QuickBooks upgrades
  • Third-party antivirus or anti-malware programs restrict the QuickBooks upgrade procedure.

Methods to Rectify QuickBooks Upgrade Payroll Error 15106

Few troubleshooting steps are given below to resolve QuickBooks update payroll error 15106.

Method – 1 Sign-in As An Admin Account on Your System

  • Press the Start button and choose Control Panel or type Windows+R key and input control panel in the Run window and click Enter
  • Choose user accounts and family safety and then press user accounts
  • Tap manage other accounts and mention the admin password if required
  • Look at the account type just below the account name. Suppose your account is registered already as an admin account, go through the next troubleshooting steps. If it is not registered, you must not ask the IT administrator to assign admin rights to your user.

Method – 2 Modify QuickBooks Updates

  • Choose to update QuickBooks under the Help tab and access the QuickBooks desktop
  • Choose mark all under the options tab
  • Tap Save and then locate to the Upgrade Now tab
  • Tick reset update now checkbox and press Get Updates
  • Suppose you still have an error in 15106 while updating QuickBooks payroll, then go through the next step.

Method – 3 Revamp QuickBooks Desktop Installation

  • Click Windows+R on your keyboard and enter command appwiz.cpl and click Enter
  • Do a double-click on QuickBooks available under the Uninstall or Change a program window option
  • Press next after choosing the select or remove option
  • Confirm the Repair option if it is chosen and press next.
  • Tap repair to start resolving QuickBooks installation for deleting QuickBooks error message 15106
  • Choose ignore and move ahead with a solution if you receive a message File in Use
  • Resume your system and access the QuickBooks application if the repair is finished up
  • Choose to install now once you receive the message “QuickBooks has recently downloaded an upgrade window”.

Method – 4 Delete Webroot Spyware Sweeper

  • Press the start button on your Windows desktop and choose the Control panel
  • Select add or remove programs
  • Do a double-click on Webroot from the list and press uninstall or remove option
  • Choose uninstall and press next
  • Go through on-screen instructions to perfectly delete the application from windows
  • Resume your system and try to install QuickBooks upgrades once again
  • Once the error got rectified after deleting Webroot antivirus, you can reinstall it after the upgrade.

Once you follow the above four troubleshooting tips to rectify QB error code 15106 but face troubles in removing it. Then, you must dial the QuickBooks customer care number to eradicate this problem quickly.