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    An Illustrative Guide On QuickBooks For Mac

    QuickBooks For Mac is a subscription-based accounting software that many businesses prefer to reduce their accounting tasks. Also, it comes up with several top-notch features like tracking income and expenses, managing bills and accounts payable, invoicing, etc. If you want to get the best out of this application, it is a must to download the QuickBooks For Mac on your device. 

    Further in this blog, we have listed all the detailed steps to download and install QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. So, continue reading this blog to learn about this accounting software. 

    What are the Salient Features of QuickBooks For Mac?

    • QuickBooks Mac provides the feature of pay online that helps to schedule and pay bills online.
    • You can also attach a photo of your bill using the iPhone Scanner or QuickBooks Photo Sync feature. When you upload a new bill, QuickBooks automatically matches the data with the older transaction and generates a new one.
    • The best part about QuickBooks For Mac is it gives more options to condense the company file.
    • Moreover, it also enables you to add bills and attachments to your company file with the help of the Photo Sync feature. You can simply put it into a shared Photos album, and then from there, you can import it to QuickBooks For Mac.
    • Additionally, it also enables you to synchronize contacts with the Mac OS address book. It also provides you with an option using which you can add the reminders to your iCal or calendar.
    • It also provides you with a consolidated view of your business with company details.
    • With the help of the QuickBooks for Mac application, you can also prepare to adjust journal entries, profit, and loss unclassified, P&L budget balance, etc.
    • Besides all of these, you can also run reports on a specific customer groups and generate a group with new criteria.

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    What are the New Features that are Included in QuickBooks For Mac 2022?

    With the upcoming update of QuickBooks For Mac 2022, several new features have come up. Have a look at them.

    Enhanced Bank Feeds

    It provides you with the feature of a bank feed option using which you can easily download your bank or credit card statements. Also, you can review transactions and find out the discrepancy between the transactions within a couple of seconds. Moreover, this feature automatically categorizes your bank transactions by accounts, payees, and classes. Thus, it makes it much more convenient to import the bank feeds. 

    Receipt Management Becomes Easier

    Now, with the QucikBooks For Mac application, you can easily import receipt data via iPhone or a PDF file. Moreover, you can also link digital receipt images with the expense transactions for generating the audit trials. Apart from this, it also gives you the option to modify, categorize and record several receipt transactions whenever mandatory. 

    Unlimited Customer Support

    By purchasing the QuickBooks Mac subscription, you can avail of the unlimited customer support facility without paying extra charges. Apart from this, it also offers the callback option if you don’t require to be in a queue. You can also grab assistance for the damaged or corrupt company file to continue your ongoing work easily. 

    Auto-Sending Reminders and Statements

    The best part about this application is that now you can save a lot of time in sending statements and payment reminders to your customers. Moreover, it also automates the process of sending recurring statements to multiple customer groups. 

    Select From Multiple Email Contacts

    Now, sending an email won’t be a much longer process earlier. As you can easily send emails to multiple recipients at a time by picking the correct recipient from the customer and vendor contact list. 

    When Can You Utilize QuickBooks For Mac application?

    Go through the below-listed pointers attentively to get complete information when you need the QuickBooks For Mac application. 

    System Requirements To Run QuickBooks For Mac

    1. Ensure you have an operating system of at least Mac X v11.3 (Big Sur) or a later version.
    2. You must have a stable and uninterrupted internet network connection. 
    3. To export the report data, you require Apple Numbers v3.5 and Microsoft Excel 2016 or later, including Mac Office 365.
    4. To send an email as PDF, you require Apple Email, Microsoft Outlook 2016, or later. 
    5. For File conversion, the QuickBooks Mac 2022 supports 
      1. One-way conversion is available for QuickBooks Online. 
      2. Conversion to and from the QuickBooks For Windows 2022 version.
      3. Also, it allows the one-way conversion from QuickBooks Windows 2022. 
    6. Ensure you have an Intel Core 2 Duo or higher processor to run the server appropriately.
    7. Your system must have 2 GB RAM to install the QuickBooks software successfully. Also, verify that the hard disk space must be a minimum of 250 MB.

    Stepwise Instructions to Download QuickBooks For Mac 2022

    Steps To Install QuickBooks Desktop For Mac

    Before proceeding to the installation part, ensure you have License Key and Product Number. If you have downloaded QuickBooks For Mac with the installation CD, you can grab the license and product keys from the scratch-off label on the packaging.


    Furthermore, go through the stepwise instructions below for the smooth installation of QuickBooks for Mac. 

    1. After successfully downloading QuickBooks Desktop For Mac, double-click on the downloaded setup file to initiate the installation process. 
    2. After extracting the file, hit the Yes button to proceed further. 
    3. Go through the License Agreement thoroughly and give consent to the terms and conditions listed in it. 
    4. Now, you have to pick the Installation Type from the list of options available. 
    • Express:- Choosing this option will allow the installer to make the suggested choices for the users. It will also replace the previous version of QuickBooks with the new one. Also, you must remember that the Accountant Edition won’t replace the older versions by default. 
    • Custom and Network Options:- You must use this option only if you are accessing multiple versions of the QuickBooks Desktop application. 
    1. After this, you must choose where you are going to operate the QuickBooks application.


    1. If you have opted for Express as the Installation type, skip this step.
      • Select the “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer” or “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer. And, I’ll be storing our company file here”. You have to use this option only if you use the QuickBooks application. 
    2. Furthermore, tap the Next button to install the software as the default directory. 
    3. Later on, select the highlighted Install option to continue further.
    4. After the successful installation, open the QuickBooks application. 

    Procedure To Set Up QuickBooks For Mac 2022

    If you wish to set up QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you must have multiple client licenses. Go through the stepwise instructions given below to set up the application successfully. 

    1. Begin the process by clicking on the Multi-User option. 
    2. Once you open the multi-user folder, shift the QucikBooks server icon to the location of the application folder.
    3. After this, choose the Authenticate tab to make the application folder changes. Then, include the correct Admin username and password within the required text field. 
    4. Later on, hit the OK button and click on the QuickBooks icon to open it. 
    5. Go to the File menu and select to enable multi-user mode to share the data files. 

    Stepwise Instructions to Get QuickBooks App For Mac

    Wondering how to download the QuickBooks application on a Mac device? Well, Worry Not !! Instead, you must go through the stepwise instructions listed below to get the application download on your device smoothly. 

    1. In the beginning, download the QuickBooks application on your Mac device from its official website.
    2. After this, reach the Downloads folder and double-tap on the QuickBooks.dmg file to begin the installation process. 
    3. Now, you are supposed to drag the QuickBooks icon to your Applications folder.
    4. Furthermore, you must sign in to the QuickBooks Online account with the correct login details. If you won’t have an account earlier, hit the Create an Account option to begin with the free trial of the QuickBooks application. 

    How to Get a QuickBooks For Mac Trial Version?

    Here, we have described the proper procedure to download the free trial of QuickBooks For Mac. Ensure that you apply the steps in the same manner as stated below to avoid any discrepancy in the future. 

    1. Before getting a QuickBooks for Mac trial version, it is necessary to verify that your computer fulfils the basic system requirements to install the application seamlessly on your device. 
    2. To download the free version, tap on this link 
    3. As soon as you click on this link, it will eventually begin the downloading process. 
    4. The time taken for downloading QuickBooks Desktop completely depends upon the internet connection speed.
    5. Once you have successfully downloaded it, install it on your device.
    6. Go through the on-screen prompts carefully to accomplish the installation procedure. 

    How to Contact the Live Person At QuickBooks?

    No matter how good the QuickBooks for Mac software is, it is still prominent to certain technical glitches. Sometimes, the users might confront certain issues while operating the software, interrupting the ongoing business task. There comes a time when the users require immediate help to get their issues resolved. So, here we have explained some of the ways using which you can consult with our professionals. 

    Live Chat Facility

    You might reach out to our professionals through the live chat facility. For this, you have to send a message to our experts, and then the first available executive will get in touch with you. The experts will guide you with simple tips to overcome the error immediately.

    By Placing A Call

    Alternatively, you may also take help from our professionals for the issues regarding QuickBooks For Mac by placing a call. For this, you must give a call to our experts +1(888)405-0630 and tell them about the issue you are facing. Our experts will do their best to provide you with the instant solutions to wipe out the issue.

    Through Email

    Another way to consult with our highly-trained experts is via mail. All you need to do is send a mail to our experts explaining the issue you are facing and how long you are suffering. Our experts will look into your matter deeply and will suggest you with the best assistance possible.

    We hope this useful guide has made you understand the relevance of QuickBooks For Mac and how to install it on your device. However, if you still have any sort of confusion, you can consult with our professionals anytime via the live chat facility for immediate help.