When you face challenges in preparing payrolls for your employees, we understand that it can be the most frustrating moment for you. But, the problem discovers solutions as we have for you. QuickBooks Payroll is one the prominent accounting software that assists businesses to carry out payroll activities comfortably. QuickBooks Payroll software has various versions as well. QuickBooks Payroll is launched in mainly three versions that are Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted. Businesses can use fewer expenses through this software in enduring accounting tasks.

QuickBooks Payroll acts as a marvel in carrying out payroll tasks. Various entrepreneurs outsource their payroll tasks to save extra time and cost. Before three decades ago, Payroll Management was responsible for handling payroll work no matter whether businesses have one person or many. Most companies use this software to perform tax and payroll calculations. Like other software, it has many misconceptions, and users might have faced them from time to time while using it for payroll service. To resolve quickly, you must dial the QuickBooks Payroll customer service number to troubleshoot it immediately.


Features of QuickBooks Payroll

Some significant features of QuickBooks Payroll are mentioned below.

  1. Generate Paychecks

QuickBooks payroll software processes tax calculations and paychecks that are handed over to employees by employers.

  1. Avoid Tax Penalty

QuickBooks calculates and pays taxes timely for all entrepreneurs who have hired it. Before-tax payment, make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to process it automatically.

  1. Digital Tax Filing and Payment

QuickBooks payroll has E-pay features to clear all taxes instantly for all businesses. You can also e-file your taxes quickly.

  1. Payroll Upgrades

It calculates all tax tables’ latest and correct prices and provides payroll tax forms, e-file and payment options.

  1. State Forms

You can fill up State forms to calculate State Federal taxes quickly through Enhanced QuickBooks Payroll. QuickBooks payroll guides you in purifying the conditions and helps you to remain in compliance with your state authorities.

  1. Direct Payment

Being an employer, you can make direct payments to your employees in their respective bank accounts.

  1. Can Amend Account Details

QuickBooks Payroll allows accountants to successfully change, verify and enter paychecks and income details from a single spreadsheet-style screen.

  1. Prospect Paycheck

Through this QuickBooks Payroll feature, you can examine paychecks details by entering your user Id and password.

  1. Accuracy, Speed and Timely

Users can process their paychecks quickly to confirm the accurate payment to their employees within the time bond.

QuickBooks Payroll Errors

  • How to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll update error 12xxx series?

The error takes place due to interference of firewall security or antivirus. To resolve it immediately, you must contact QuickBooks certified experts for further assistance.

  • How to edit or delete QuickBooks Payroll checks?

Change, edit or delete payroll checks if they possess some error in it. If you find it difficult to amend, call QuickBooks payroll consultants to assist you.

  • How to edit, remove or set up direct deposit for employees?

If you wish to set up, edit, or remove direct deposits for employees, it is good to be in touch with QuickBooks experts to resolve it quickly.

  • How to create bonus or payroll checks for a terminated employee?

If you wish to create bonus or payroll checks for terminated employees, you must call the QuickBooks customer care number to resolve it quickly.

  • How to print pay stubs while using QuickBooks Payroll?

A blank paper might be used to print pay stubs. It includes the company information either at the top or bottom. QuickBooks users carry out this task from a file menu or a paycheck.  If users face any trouble while creating pay stubs, they should quickly get in touch with QuickBooks professionals to develop them.

  • How to fix QuickBooks payroll unrecoverable error 00000?

QuickBooks payroll unrecoverable error has occurred while processing payroll checks through QuickBooks. To resolve it immediately, you must call the QuickBooks customer support team to assist you with some appropriate tips.

  • How to create Timesheets and Time Data Report?

Through timesheets, you can create a record of your employees working hours. If you can’t evolve it, be in touch with the QuickBooks helpline team to resolve it instantly.

  • How to transform direct deposit into a significant principal amount?

When the principal amount is not listed, then you need to amend it. The two factors may arise if either the bank authority has changed it or the company staff. If you can’t change the principal amount, you must call the QuickBooks payroll support center to fix it.

  • How to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Payroll error 30159 while upgrading?

This error appears while deactivating the EIN on the computer. If you wish to reactivate it, you must dial the QuickBooks customer service number to troubleshoot it immediately.

  • How to formulate payroll or payroll forms in an accountant’s register?

To remove the contradiction between employees and employers, the accountants’ list can eliminate it. For any support, you must call the QuickBooks helpline number to fix it quickly.


When you face any issue in QuickBooks payroll, you can dial the QuickBooks payroll support number to assist you. They will assist you in troubleshooting errors in QuickBooks. A technical expert will guide you properly, and you must admit yourself completely to take up their suggestions. QuickBooks payroll assistance center is opened 24/7 to listen to your queries and provide you with proper solutions to remove errors quickly. QuickBooks has fully-trained, capable and professional technical experts to assist you.