QuickBooks Sync Manager is an important utility in the program that helps QuickBooks Desktop to sync with Intuit’s online server or third-party applications. Besides, it enables the data exchange between QuickBooks Desktop and the version stored in the cloud server. However, the QuickBooks Sync Manager is now discontinued from March 1, 2016, and its access to the third-party applications also ended. Due to this discontinuation, users get a QuickBooks Sync Manager error now and then. Due to this error, users can’t access the QuickBooks company file. Besides, you may not be able to proceed even a single step with the ongoing task. To get rid of this error, you need to dig deeper into the problem. This self-explanatory post explains the common reasons and troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks sync manager errors.

What Is QuickBooks Sync Manager? Explained

QuickBooks Sync Manager is an in-built feature in the program that enables QuickBooks Desktop software to sync with the one installed on a cloud server and with the third-party applications. Besides, it allows the data exchange between the QuickBooks Desktop application and the QuickBooks version stored in the cloud server. This utility can save your time and effort in double-performing the changes made in QuickBooks, as they will be made automatically to the cloud-based version of the program after syncing. When synchronizing QuickBooks, you may get various technical issues.

Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Not Syncing Error

Error in QuickBooks Sync Manager can crop up due to multitudinous reasons. Damaged sync manager components are one of the most apparent reasons behind this error. Some other possible factors behind the error are:

  • Missing or damaged Windows components can bring forth errors with the sync manager in QuickBooks.
  • Intuit QuickBooks sync manager error can also be triggered due to the data transfers.
  • Sometimes, the syncs can be blocked due to the Firewall or Internet security applications due to security reasons.
  • Sync Manager stopped working issue also occurs when the sync manager updates are missing.
  • Inaccessibility of the data file can also lead to the QuickBooks Sync error 17_7118.
  • Blockage caused due to the Firewall or security applications can hamper the connectivity, which can lead to an error when syncing data in QuickBooks.
  • The inability to write the downloaded data to the QuickBooks company file is also one of the primary reasons behind the error.

What Are The Different Instances of QuickBooks Sync Manager Not Working Issue?

There are various instances of the sync manager error in QuickBooks that users report on Intuit community forums. Some of these instances are:

  • Sync manager error QuickBooks.
  • QB sync manager is not working.
  • QuickBooks has stopped working
  • QuickBooks error 2014 sync manager.
  • QuickBooks sync manager is not working.
  • Error loading files from path intuit sync manager.

How To Troubleshoot Sync Manager Error QuickBooks?

Now that you know the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks sync manager error and other related aspects, you are a step closer to the error resolution. The solutions described below will help you eliminate the error when followed flawlessly. Here we go!

Solution 1: Check if Renaming The Intuit Sync Manager Folder Fixes The Problem

To check:

  • First thing first, close the QuickBooks company file and then the program.
  • Next, update QuickBooks to the latest release available.
  • Now move to the system tray and right-click the Sync Manager icon.
  • Here, you need to select Exit, and it will close the sync manager.
  • Moving ahead, search for the Sync Manager folder by following the path:
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Intuit.

Important: The folder location can vary based on the version of the Windows or the location chosen during the installation.

  • Thereafter, restart your computer and relaunch the QuickBooks application. You will see that the Sync Manager folder is automatically created.
  • In the end, try to sync the information in order to verify if the “Error: Sync Manager not set up” is resolved. If not, you need to jump to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2: Eliminate QuickBooks Sync Error Manager 17_7300

Failure to write the downloaded data to the data file in QuickBooks in the middle of the syncing process is the main reason behind the error code 17_7300. To resolve it:

  • First of all, open your QuickBooks Company File.
  • Now from within the menu bar, click on the Edit menu and select the Integrated Applications from the left pane.
  • Here, you need to click on the My Preferences Tab.
  • Also, checkmark the box against the Intuit Sync Manager from Company Preferences.
  • Lastly, try to sync the data once again to confirm the error resolution.

Solution 3: Troubleshooting QuickBooks Sync Manager Error 5_13944

Error code 5_13944 when your Firewall or Internet security application blocks the URLs related to the Sync Manager. You may try to open the following URLs on your browser:

  • https://services.intuit.com.
  • https://datasync.intuit.com.
    Moreover, if they block the sync process, exempt the URLs from the setting obstructions. To do so:
  • First thing first, navigate to the folder containing Sync Manager and remove the CRT file.
  • Next, install the QuickBooks Sync Manager again. On the other hand, if already installed, reset the Sync Settings.
  • After completing the process, try to sync the data once again to confirm the error resolution.

If the error continues, wait for some time and then try to sync data again.

Solution 4: Eliminate QuickBooks Sync Error Code 17_7118

We have already discussed that QuickBooks Sync error 17_7118 occurs due to the inability to access the company file when it is moved to the other folder. Besides, the error can also crop up when the file is not readable for the disk errors. To fix it:

  • Navigate to the System Tray and then right-click the Sync Manager icon.
  • Here, you need to click on Exit, and it will close the sync Manager.
  • Next, close the QuickBooks Company File and then the program itself.
  • Thereafter, open QuickBooks and ensure that you don’t open the company file.
  • Update the program to the latest maintenance release available.
  • Now launch Intuit Sync Manager and determine its version using the Help menu. Update if a new release is available.
  • After the completion of this procedure, you check the status of the error by performing the task that was giving the error.

Solution 5: Resolve QuickBooks Sync Error Manager on Windows 10


The concerning error can also crop up when you update to Windows 10 from a previous version. In such a case, incompatible or damaged sync manager components can bring forth the error. Follow the below-listed steps for the error resolution:

  • Close your QuickBooks data file and then the QuickBooks program itself.
  • Thereafter, update QuickBooks to the latest release.
  • Meanwhile, right-click the Sync Manager icon and select Exit from the system tray.
  • It will not close the Sync Manager.
  • Now locate the Sync Manager folder by navigating to the path:
  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Intuit.
  • Proceeding further, restart your PC and then QuickBooks software.
  • At last, perform the sync procedure again to override the QuickBooks Sync Manager error.

Solution 6: Configure Intuit Sync Manager

If the error persists, reset the QuickBooks Data Sync matrix, and it will help you make a fresh start by clearing the previous logs; thus, you can get rid of this concerning error. Below is how:

  • Launch the QuickBooks application in the first place to start.
  • Now from within the Help menu, click Manage Data Sync.
  • Here, you can reset your Intuit Sync Manager and click on Reset Data when prompted to do so.
  • In the end, log into the Sync Manager by entering the accurate login credentials.

This will help you eliminate the Sync Manager error in QuickBooks.

Final Words!

The solutions listed in this post can eradicate the problems that you are facing with your QuickBooks Sync Manager. Besides, it also explains some important aspects related to the Intuit Sync Manager. If you need this error to be fixed by the experts, connect with us on our email and chat assistance modes. You will get the best assistance for your issues.

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What are the benefits of Intuit Sync Manager?

QuickBooks sync manager is an incredible tool devised by Intuit that can make your accounting management more accurate and efficient. It enables QuickBooks to sync with Intuit-related websites and third-party applications securely. It easily swaps the information between one version of the QuickBooks Desktop to the one saved into the Intuit cloud serves. Whatever changes will be made to Desktop data will be automatically sent to the cloud and vice-versa.

Why is data sync important in QuickBooks?

Data sync is in QuickBooks between the Desktop version and cloud version of the QuickBooks program can save your time and streamline your business accounting operations. The data will be saved in the cloud and can be accessed with the utmost ease. Besides, you can avoid double-data entries and also the errors that can crop up when doing so.

Does reinstalling the utility help in resolving the QuickBooks Sync Manager error?

When none of the solutions work in troubleshooting the QuickBooks Sync Manager error, you can reinstall it to eradicate the factors promoting error. Before performing this procedure, make sure that you have saved the backup of your data in local or external media. Once done, try to sync your QuickBooks data.

What are different error codes related to the QuickBooks Sync Manager?

There are several error codes related to the Intuit Sync Manager that are stated in the below-given list:

Sync Manager error code 17_7300: Occurs in the middle of a sync process due to the inability to write the downloaded data to the QuickBooks company file.

QuickBooks Sync Manager error 5_13944: Takes place due to the obstructed data uploading caused due to the Windows Firewall or Internet security applications.

Error Code 17_7118 in Sync Manager: Crops up due to the inaccessibility of the company file when it is moved to a different location.