How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update?

QuickBooks provides you with the best accounting software, but it sometimes fails on the grounds of errors. Many different types of errors occur frequently. QuickBooks may not enable you to use the software after the Windows update. The window may not respond for a while in an expected state. Some technical errors can lead you to such problems. QuickBooks support always recommends the users use the updated version of QuickBooks. This blog will provide you with the troubleshooting error of QuickBooks not opening after the Windows update.

Why Don’t QuickBooks Desktop Open After Windows Update?

Users may come across errors, and there may be a popup that says QuickBooks desktop will not open, or it may automatically not respond without showing an error. You may also witness the same kind of error while opening company files. Error code 1603, error code 1935, or error code 1402 are also related to the same problem. The roots of QuickBooks Error and their solution are discussed below.

Root Of QuickBooks Won’t Open error

There can be numerous causes of this error, such as

  • Company file name exceeding the usually prescribed limit.
  • The corrupted hard drive may also lead to the error.
  • Improper installation of the software.
  • Damaged or missing QBWUSER. INI file
  • It may occur after updating the operating system that is not compatible with the outdated software version.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Not Responding After Windows Update

Before solving any problem, one needs to identify the issue and then take corrective steps. Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks that do not open error are as follows.

  • QuickBooks desktop freezes automatically while working on the same application.
  • Using an inappropriate version of QuickBooks.
  • Periodical dysfunctioning of the application
  • The speed of response decreases while using the application.
    Company files fail to open.

Ways To Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Error After Windows Update

In the above text, we have listed all the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks won’t open Error after Windows update. We recommend you understand them better before diving deep and find the methods to resolve errors, as this can be highly beneficial for users to implement the solution.

Method 1: Opening the company file from a different folder site

It might be possible that where the user keeps the file may get damaged and corrupted, and the user is trying to open the file from that location only. Users are advised to follow the chronology of steps to have satisfactory results.

Step 1: Tap on Window + E Key
Step 2: search the file with the .qbw extension on the network server. The user should search for the network drive where the file has been located.
Step 3: click the right button and copy the data.
Step 4: user should look for the C drive and make a new folder.
Step 5: name the folder as QBTEST.
Step 6: now go to the folder and paste the copied file there.
Step 7: Now open the QuickBooks software while pressing the control key.
Step 8:Select the option ‘open’ or ‘restore an existing company, then check the recent folder built by the user (C:/QBTEST)
Step 9: now open the company file, which was earlier copied to this folder.

Method 2: Remove or Rename QBWUSER.INI file

An alternate method to achieve this resolution in the least possible time is to delete or rename the QBWUSER.INI file. As this step, as a trash cleaner and transparent all unwanted and previously opened files. Users can implement these steps to complete this step.

Step 1: For this method also, the initial step is to press the Windows+E tab
Step 2: Following the above step, click on organize tab on the top left corner and tap on the folder, followed by selecting the Search option
Step 3: Now, click on the View button
Step 4: With the addition to the above step, choose under advanced settings>>hidden files and folder and then select the option to show the hidden files and folders and hit the OK button
Step 5: The navigate through the interface and go to my computer>>C:drive>>Documents >>[Your Username]>>Local settings>>Application Data>>Intuit>>QuickBooks
Step 6: Now the next step is to hit a right-click on QBWUSER.INI file and click on the delete and rename option

Users can try to fix the error by running the QuickBooks Tool Hub by downloading and following the guided steps. Also, users can suppress QuickBooks Desktop and find the issue with the company files. As we have mentioned, some facile steps to implement and resolve this error.No doubt, a regular update is essential to give the latest fix and scan to the browser. Yet nothing is free from glitches, and as a result, sometimes user faces standard error while operating QuickBooks.

If users feel the need to avail technical advice, they can freely dial the toll-free number and talk to our technical expert on the QuickBooks Customer care number. We hope you find the article helpful and have happy accounting!