Software updates are necessary to get things going smoothly. If you are a Windows user and have recently switched to Windows 10, then there is a great chance that your QuickBooks has stopped responding, and you have been searching for the “fix QuickBooks won’t open after Windows update” error.

Well, if this is the case, then you are right where you belong. We have come up with this blog to find the right fix for the same. Let us get into it without wasting any minute!

Reasons Behind QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update

Before understanding the solutions, it is important that we understand the core of the issue. There are quite a few reasons why QuickBooks won’t open after Windows Update. We have mentioned some of them below:
• File name longer than the maximum character limit.
• Your hard drive might be damaged or corrupted.
• There might be a conflict between QuickBooks and third-party software.
• Also, your QBWUSER.INI file might be missing or might not exist.
• Your desktop has a virus that is creating a hindrance to QuickBooks.
• There is a possibility that your QuickBooks Installation file is damaged or placed in the wrong folder.

How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update?

There are many ways with which you can Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update issue. We have prepared a step-by-step ABC for your help.

Solution 1: Restart the computer

Once you have updated your Windows version to Windows 10, you must restart the system and then try to run QuickBooks.
• Click on the Windows button available at the bottom of the screen.
• Now, click on the Restart button and let the desktop go through the process.
• Once the system starts again, try to open QuickBooks again.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Another way to resolve this issue is by getting QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
• Head to the website of Intuit and install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
• Now, save the .exe file on your pc.
• Once you have the file in your system, close all the other programs running and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
• Make sure to reboot your desktop once the diagnosis is made.

Solution 3: Make Changes To The QuickBooks Installation

Ensure that you get the software on a CD before you go ahead with this process.
• Firstly, you will have to reboot your desktop.
• Once your system starts again, open the Start menu and look for the Control Panel.
• Under this section, you will find either Uninstall a Program or Programs and Features.
• Click on that, and you will get a list of programs installed on your computer.
• Go to QuickBooks and click on the Uninstall option.

Solution 4: Stop the QBW32.exe Process

Another way to resolve the issue of QuickBooks Stopped Working After Windows 10 Update is to end the QBW32.exe process.
• To initiate the process, look for the Task Manager in the Windows search box.
• Now, from the task manager, hit the Details tab.
• Under Details, you will be looking for QBW32.exe. When you find it right-click on the same and click on the End task button.

Solution 5: Edit Your Antivirus Settings

Now, there is a possibility that the antivirus that you have installed finds the QuickBooks software threatening and therefore does not allow QuickBooks to function. So, to fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update, you must go and make the required adjustments to your antivirus settings. You have two different approaches for you to choose from.
• Try to Add Exceptions to your antivirus manually.
• If you are unable to do the process yourself, try to contact the team of experts of your antivirus company and ask for their assistance. They will take you through the process and make it easy for you.

Solution 6: Remove The Unnecessary 3rd Party Junk From Your System 

If your QuickBooks isn’t working, one of the reasons behind it could be the unnecessary 3rd party software that is installed in your system. It is important that you uninstall the ones that are not in use.
• To begin the cleaning process, click on Win + R together, which will take you to the Run box.
• In the Run box, enter appwiz.cpl in the given space titles as Open.
• Hit OK and wait for the list of all the software/applications installed on your desktop.
• Now, go through the list thoroughly and look for the ones that you once installed and then forgot about.
• Right-click on the undesired applications and click on Uninstall.
• Once you remove all the unwanted software, try to open QuickBooks again.

Solution 7: Verify QuickBooks and Company File

There is a high chance that the company file you are operating with is corrupted or damaged. Make sure to verify the same to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update.
Here is how you can access the company file:
• On your desktop, make a right-click on the QuickBooks tab.
• Now, long-press the Control key and then hit the Open button.

Solution 8: Recreate Your Admin Account

If, after updating your Windows, you are unable to run QuickBooks even after trying so many troubleshooting solutions, you must try and create a new admin account. To do so, go ahead with the steps mentioned below.
• On your keyboard, press Windows + I to get into the Windows Setting page.
• Under Settings, go to the Accounts section.
• Here, hit the Family option and then select Add Someone Else To This PC.
• If the system requests an email address or other information, mark I don’t have the information of this person, rather than filling in any details.
• Now you are required to click on the option Add a user without a Microsoft Account.
• On the subsequent page, enter the username and create a password in the given space and continue to the next page.
• Next, make this account your administrator account.
• To set this new account as an admin account, go to the new account and right-click on it.
• There you will find the Change account type option.
• This is where you need to change the settings from local account to administrator account and finally click OK.
• Now that the new Admin account is all set up and running restart the system and try to operate QuickBooks once again.

Solution 9: Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Utility

If the software is still not running, go to the QuickBooks Clean Install utility to find a solution for QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update.
• There is a chance that reinstalling the QuickBooks software might be the fix you are looking for.
• Firstly, go to the Run command and uninstall QuickBooks.
• Now that you are done with uninstalling, rename the QuickBooks file.
• After renaming it, go ahead and install and run the QuickBooks application once again.

Solution 10: Check For Windows Update

In case none of the above solutions fix your issue, check if you have any Windows updates pending. Every time you are running QuickBooks, make sure that your system is up-to-date.
• Go to the Windows Setting page by pressing Windows keys with ‘I.’
• From the list available on the left side of the page, click on Updates and Security.
• Here, look for any new updates by clicking the Check for Updates option.
• If you see a new update available, go ahead and install it.
• Restart your desktop and try to open QuickBooks again.

Solution 11: Reinstall Windows 10

The only solution left that we can think of is reinstalling your Windows 10. This is done because there is a chance that your operating system is corrupted. However, when you reinstall Windows, remember that all your data, including applications, will be removed.
• From the Start menu, go to the Settings. You can also access the same with Windows + I.
• There, go to Updates and Security and look for the Recovery option.
• Hit that and then select Get started. You will find this under the Reset this PC option.
• This will reinstall Windows 10, and your system will restart then.
• Go to QuickBooks and check if it is working now.

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Final Statement

This blog contains more than ten answers to how to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update. However, there is a high chance that you will resolve the issue without going through every troubleshooting solution. In case you are facing any issue in any of them or need any other QuickBooks-related assistance, reach out to our team at, and our experts will look into the matter themselves. You will get the most satisfactory services from our executives.


1. Which QuickBooks version won’t operate in Windows 10?

A. Although all the QuickBooks versions easily operate in Windows 10 However, there might be a chance that you face some errors and your QuickBooks does not run after you update your Windows to Windows 10.

2. How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update?

A. There are more than ten ways to resolve this issue:
• Restart the computer
• Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
• Make Changes To The QuickBooks Installation
• Stop the QBW32.exe Process
• Edit Your Antivirus Settings
• Remove The Unnecessary 3rd Party Junk From Your System
• Verify QuickBooks and Company File
• Recreate Your Admin Account
• Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Utility
• Check For Windows Update
• Reinstall Windows 10

3. Which version of Windows does QuickBooks not support anyone?

A. QuickBooks does not support Windows 7 or any version before that. So make sure that you have your Windows updated if you want to work on QuickBooks smoothly.

4. Can I operate QuickBooks on Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft updated its software and introduced Edge with Windows 10. Currently, QuickBooks does not support Microsoft Edge.

5. Can I move back to my older version of Windows after updating it to Windows 10?

A. In case you are unable to operate QuickBooks in Windows 10, you always have the option to uninstall the update. This is how you can do it:
• From the Start menu, go to Settings or simply press Windows + R simultaneously.
• Here, click on Update and Security.
• Now, head to the Recovery page, and under the Go back to the previous version of Windows, hit Get started.