How to Set Up Multi-User Network in QuickBooks Desktop?

It is essential to make specific changes so that your network can use the company files. If you also want to use company files on multiple computers, you can use multi-user mode to access the company files by your network. It would help if you made changes in QuickBooks desktop Windows and server.

This blog will provide you with simple steps to use multi-user mode over your host computer and workstation and the procedure to follow to set a multi-user interface. Still, in case you face any difficulty, then call toll-free QuickBooks contact number.

The course of action to set multi-user network in QuickBooks

To avail, the best services of QuickBooks, one must install the software to have the smooth functioning of the services provided by QuickBooks. Quickbooks provides different versions which allow users to access files. One must keep these conditions in their mind to set up a multi-user network.

  • Establish the user for the company file

It is advisable for every user that they must create a multi-user network beforehand.

  • Examine the window file permission

Users must keep in mind to log in as admin to check all the permissions and the functioning of the software.

  • Keep a regular check on your database server

One must never forget to turn on the database server before moving onto the platform of multi-user network.

Step 1: Construct a QuickBooks desktop

Use a multi-user network with one computer as its host. The host computer will serve as the server of the files. Other computers will be known as workstations.

  1. Download the QuickBooks desktop on the host computer
  2. Use custom and network install in the install type option.
  3. If you want to access QuickBooks from the server computer, choose I will be using QuickBooks desktop, and I’ll be storing.. or if you don’t want to access from the host computer, then select I will not be using a QuickBooks desktop on this computer
  4. Now provide all the details and perform the onscreen activities to finish the install.

You can store your data on a computer hard drive, making it easier for you to share the company files.

You can also continue with the data saved on a computer drive.

Step 2: Arrange the folder permission

You must enable the folder with the company files to be shared on the network by making appropriate changes in the permission on your server computer.

Steps to grant permission will vary according to the Windows version.

Windows 10 and 8

  1. Go to the start menu and open file explorer.
  2. Right-click on the folder containing companies file, select the sharing option from permission and then select share to add. 
  3. ACCORDING TO THE VERSION, select QB data service user and grant complete control to both host and user and click

You can grant full access or take ownership in Windows 8.1. The procedure may vary.

For Windows Server 2012, file and storage services must be installed before using Quickbooks desktop mode. The procedure to set up permission will be performed according to the version.

Step 3: Download the database server manager

When you download QuickBooks, the best of it automatically downloads the database server manager on the server computer. This feature enables you to share the company files over your computer network.

If you have already installed the QuickBooks desktop, make sure the QuickBooks database server manager is also downloaded.

Step 4: Establish admin rights

Windows admin rights should be enabled in the account that you use to sign in at the host computer to make it possible to share company files with the network.

The windows user account for the database server manager of QuickBooks should also be given admin rights to ensure a hassle-free sharing of company files.

Step 5: Utilise database server manager

Now scan to the folder which holds your company files by using the database server manager of QuickBooks.

Step 6: Turn on hosting

Now, permission has been granted to all the attributes to share the file. You need to turn on multi-user Access on the host computer to enable sharing. Ensure that only the server computer has these particular settings to share the company files in a multi-user mode.

  1. In Quickbooks desktop, click the utility tab.
  2. Click on host multi-user access. A confirmation dialogue box will appear.
  3. Tap yes to confirm.

These settings will allow you to share the files from the host computer over your network.

Now sign in as a user with admin rights to access multi-user mode on the server computer and the workstations.

After applying all these simple steps, if you want to go for advanced assistance, you can contact at QuickBooks helpline number to see the best service from certified and highly trained technicians who are available for their customers all around the day. Our representative will reach out within 48 hours of the query placed on the official website of QuickBooks by email.