How to Fix QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Problems?

Reconciliation is associated with accounting tasks where the comparison between financial records takes place. It happens when transactions are added by the users, similar to their transaction reports of bank or credit card. The process is done daily to maintain the conspiracy in the account records. QuickBooks is the efficient software launched to take care of accounting processes, bank transactions, payroll systems, etc., for small and mid-sized companies. If you can’t do the bank reconciliation process in QuickBooks, you must take the expert guidance by calling the QuickBooks support number to resolve it quickly.

How Does QuickBooks Help to Verify the Transactions?

QuickBooks users primarily benefit from QuickBooks features that are natural choices to manage your businesses’ financial requirements and calculations. You can have complete control of your small and mid-sized firms through this software. However, there are several types of errors you may face while working with QuickBooks software. One such problem is associated with the Bank Reconciliation process.

  • QuickBooks maintains the records of all deposits, payments, and bank charges during transactions.
  • QuickBooks bank register transactions have an ending balance the same as the original bank account. Therefore, you may have to avoid bank reconciliation errors.

What Do You Mean by QuickBooks Reconciliation Process?

One of the vast problems that users may face is the Bank Reconciliation in QuickBooks. QuickBooks users always complain about the reconciliation of bank account after several years of using them. So, you may face troubles created by previous users of QuickBooks. Even if reconciliation is not finished, but it is showing its records of completion previously.

Why Does Bank Reconciliation Problems Occur?

Some of the probable causes behind Bank Reconciliation errors in QuickBooks are mentioned below.

  • Incorrect or inappropriate payment date
  • Non-reconciled transaction. Transactions have done a significant method to ensure that no checks are left along with the pending payments
  • It is caused due to irrelevant bank reconciliation. A strict method must be executed to believe the unexpected bank reconciliations statement not existed in the operating system
  • Missed check reports can cause the problem in QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation
  • Modified, removed, or added transactions are causing bank reconciliation issues.

Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Problems

Fix the problem to implement each step of the solution perfectly. Read all methods carefully and get your way.

Method – 1 Change, Removed, or Added Transactions

The report will display the correct statement transactions date changed previously when the bank reconciliation process is executed.

  • Choose the banking option from the Reports and Reconciliation discrepancy
  • Choose the correct account and press ok
  • Scrutinize the report and find out if any transaction mismatch with your bank statement.
  • Missed Check Reports
  • It will help to confirm the lost transactions
  • Select the banking option under the Reports menu and press on missing checks
  • Choose the valid account and select ok
  • Go through the report carefully and navigate if any transaction mismatch with your bank statement.

Method – 2 Reconciliation Process

Reconciliation adjustment may be taken place because of the last forced reconciliation that causes QuickBooks reconciliation errors. Additionally, examine the Reconciliation discrepancy account if you made any incorrect adjustments.

  • Select the Charts of Accounts from the list-menu
  • Press two times simultaneously on the Reconciliation discrepancies account
  • Require to pick up the relevant filter from the Dates section.

Method – 3 Solve the Starting Balance Warning

  • If a transaction value or date changed in the correct digits
  • If your previous transaction is reconciled
  • When your bank transaction last time because of an error creating a problem
  • If you delete the transaction erroneously or for some other cause.

Upgrade the transaction to resolve the error

  • Select the correct link when you find the starting balance discrepancy warning and then access the Discrepancy report.
  • Ensure that you navigate the transactions that the report has reported.

Method – 4 Various Number of Transactions

Compare the number of transactions on the table where similar transactions added in your bank statement and place them on the reconcile page. Go through the below steps for the comparison.

  • Select the transaction type on the Reconcile page. The button has displayed the Payments and Deposits for your bank accounts. Next, find the button highlighted as Charges and Payments for credit card accounts.
  • Write down the number of transactions you have taken up for every type of transactions
  • Finally, compare each of them with your bank statements.

QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation offers you unlimited benefits when it creates a tricky issue to resolve. The article will give a detailed structure about the causes and solutions for reconciliation issues. Then, detect your problem with the reasons and implement the solutions accordingly. You must call the QuickBooks customer service number to resolve it if you face any error in QuickBooks. You can keep your query in the live chat as well. The technical expert will help you to fix the issue quickly.

How Do I Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop provides us to use plain white paper to print a pay stub. QuickBooks Desktop uses a template or default layout with the format, but the font cannot be changed. When we print pay stubs on avoiding paper, the company name, address, and phone number will appear on the bottom and top of the page.

You have the choice to email the pay stubs to the employees by utilizing QuickBooks Desktop. This presented as a PDF file Decrypted by the only password, which ultimately helps preserve the format and layout of the pay stubs. If you don’t know to print pay stubs from Paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop, you must dial the QuickBooks helpline number to resolve it immediately.

Methods to Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the steps mentioned below to print pay stubs.

  • Press on ‘Reports’ on the left side of the configuration
  • Press on the ‘All Reports’ button and then select ‘Manage Payroll.’
  • Press on ‘Paycheck List’ from the list of reports
  • The report page will open
  • Choose from checkboxes to print Paychecks or Pay stubs,
  • Press on ‘Print’ so that you could open the ‘PDF’ in a new window
  • Restore this ‘PDF’ so that you can print this later

How Do You Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop File Menu?

  • First of all, move to ‘File’ and then click ‘Print Forms’ and then click ‘Pay Stubs.’
  • Select your ‘Payroll bank account’ and then type a date range to engage in printing pay stubs from Paychecks
  • Select the drop-down menu to select the ‘employee’, if you want to filter by one employee to the next employee
  • Choose in the ‘column’ beside the date
  • Select the ‘pay stubs’ you want to print
  • Choose ‘Preview’ to view the pay stub before you print it
  • Press on ‘Preferences’ to choose the company and employee information
  • If you want to print a message on each pay stub, then type it in the message box of the company needs to be printed on all pay stubs box
  • Lastly, select the ‘Print’ option
  • Choose the Help button to know more information about the Print Pay stubs

How Do You Print Pay Stubs from Paychecks?

  • Firstly, you require to access the pay stub on the QuickBooks desktop
  • Now choose the ‘Print’ icon above the check
  • Lastly,select ‘Pay Stub’

Hopefully, the methods that are mentioned above are showing how to print pay stubs in QuickBooks.

However, if you still have any problems related to QuickBooks, consult with our QuickBooks technical support phone number to print pay stubs from Paychecks quickly.

How to Fix QuickBooks Online Login Problems on Chrome?

In this fast-moving world, everyone is so busy and has a lot of work to do. So with every new app, we hope that it might help us, similarly, the QuickBooks app is all used to make our business life easier. This app helps the user to maintain the accounts, send invoices to customers, pay payment easily through online service, amend more else. Now, this is widely used by people around the world and this provides an efficient service to their users. It has approximately the same service as Google but sometimes the QuickBooks user faces a problem in login or any other error which is faced by the user.

If a user of QuickBooks is facing any of such errors in the app then this article is written especially for you only so be there till the end of the article. In this article, our professional experts have given the ways to overcome the difficulties which you are facing in the QuickBooks account. If then you face the same problem you can contact the QuickBooks customer care team and our highly qualified team will contact you as soon as possible to help you out from the problem faced by you and dissolve the problem as soon as possible.

What Exactly QuickBooks Login Error?

Sometimes QuickBooks users face problems in logging online on Google Chrome which is quite irritating. Security issues are the general reason for this error. Whenever the user encounters the QuickBooks login error on Google Chrome he should update the new intuit account with new security updates. There is a pop-up of an error message stating “account services unavailable please try back later”.

The repercussions of QuickBooks’s online error on Chrome are listed below.

  • Faces the loading message on screen but all in vain and nothing gets upload
  • A pop-up of service not available message is encountered
  • Sometimes Chrome get confused and take you on a long tour from the sign-in screen to choosing a company and then back to sign in screen

Triggering reasons of QuickBooks Online Login Issues On Chrome

To apply the solution is always essential and foremost to understand the responsible reasons for the error. Let’s discuss the common factors causing login errors.

  • Inappropriate sign out of previous QuickBooks online session
  • Interference of the third party in QuickBooks online on crow with the same credential
  • Can be caused due to Firewall or antivirus interruption while accessing the software

Methods to fix QuickBooks online login issue for Chrome

It’s important to Discover new and easy methods to resolve the problem and make the solution time effective.

Solution 1: Operate distinct web browser

It might be possible that the user is encountering a login problem only with a specific web browser that they are using. So one can resolve this error by making use of other web browsers which do not show errors while login into your QuickBooks account. Hence users can employ internet Explorer to export their data to QuickBooks desktop.

Solution 2: Employee Chrome browser in Incognito window

An alternate option is always available with users that can try to access their account by using the Incognito mode of Google Chrome. This window does not record the browsing history and has no previous saved cookies which can restrict your process.

Hopefully, this will allow the user to log in to the website. One can follow the exact steps mentioned below to open and use an incognito window to access their account.

  • Open Chrome browser
  • The first step after opening the Chrome browser is to click on customize and control icon which is located on the upper right corner of the window
  • Then tap on the option which suggests a new incognito window or you can use a shortcut key ctrl+shift+N
  • This will allow the user to use the separate window in incognito mode

Solution 3: Clean cache and unwanted history of your browser

Unnecessary history and field cache are responsible for the slow performance of the Google Chrome browser. It is recommendable to clean or delete the history to boost the performance of the Browser.

  • Under this method, users have to type customize and control icons on the right side and choose the setting option.
  • Further, you are required to click on the history tab followed by clicking on the Clear browsing data button.

Solution 4: Design an additional Chrome user

To reduce the working hours users can create an additional Chrome to work on QuickBooks online. This will act as a time-effective method. You can design an additional Chrome user by following these simple ways.

  • The foremost step is to open the chrome browser and select the setting tab on the left of the window
  • Under this user will find a user section near the bottom section of the page
  • Further click on add new user button
  • Then select the icon, enter the name and click on the create button.

In this blog, we have tried to list all possible reasons and the solution of QuickBooks online error but in case you face a problem while implementing the simple steps. Then you can freely contact us on the QuickBooks customer service number and see the best assistance from our highly qualified and experienced technicians.

How to Setup Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a small business accounting software that helps reduce the work and track the economic health of one of the best managers. It offers a superb feature to add, delete and modify accounts in QuickBooks online chat of account lists. It also offers to import charts of accounts from Excel spreadsheets or comma-separated files. Users can choose a 30-day trial pack for 50% off for three months to have a preview of all the services’ complete, but if they face any problem, a QuickBooks customer service number is always available to help their customer.

Users are requested to follow step-by-step illustrations to set up charts of accounts in QuickBooks Online as it is essential to follow all steps because the layout of the screen is slightly different. In this blog, we have listed instructions for more current versions of the QuickBooks online service.

Essentiality of setting the charts of account

The charts of accounts play a crucial role in the bookkeeping and accounting system as it is its backbone. It is used to enter each transaction of QuickBooks categorizes behind the scenes to make financial statements complete and calculate the profit statement loss statement on the income statement. This is a crucial step to follow to compute the outcome in the business.

Secondly, QuickBooks online create a default chart of account lists based on the industry that users choose when setting up their QuickBooks company. It is recommended to review their default charts of accounts to determine the version, as it gives a clear picture of what to be added, edited, or deleted. But before that, we must discuss different types of classified versions of QuickBooks online.

Most apps that users must apply are to classify the types of accounts with their detailed time as this will help to operate the business and QuickBooks online software effectively. For instance, if you receive a new customer invoice, the accounts receivable will grow, and if the user has set a budget of detail time inventory, it will increase during the birth change of the product.

Steps to add an account to the chart of accounts list

Step 1: The user needs to click the green new button from the accounts screen’s charts located on the right corner of the screen. This step will enable the user to accept the following account setup screen for a new account.

Now the user is required to complete below mention field for each account

Account type: It is essential to specify the account type from the drop-down menu.

Details type: Now, choose the detail type from the drop-down menu. It will offer different detailed classes, and they are according to the type selected by the user. And the grey box below provides the complete explanation of the detailed time chosen by the user.

Name: To recognize accounts easier, users can bank name to a particular account. This will reduce users’ labor while selecting any account to complete the transaction.

Orange stands if a checking account can be renamed by the bank’s name and with the inclusion of the last four digits of the account number. This is a practical step to reduce the task and increase efficiency.

Number: Adding a number for your account is optional, but users want to use the count number. They can enable the account number for their account by following some specific steps.

Description: Users can also add the report to their new account to make things more executive Mal with high efficiency and speed.

Sub Account: Listing and making subcategories is a short method to make work more organized. That is why books online have the feature to organize your account with parents and sub-accounts. For instance, if you create a utility expense as a parent account and then add electric expenses and cash expenses as a sub-account, this will surely make work easy more organized.

Begin tracking: Now, the last piece to complete is to enter the date when users want to start monitoring the financial transactions with QuickBooks online software.

Step 2: If the user is satisfied with their answer, they can proceed by clicking the green button, which suggests the save and close of the account. It is available with the drop-down arrow. Now users can confirm this new account by choosing the save and new button.

Quickbooks also offer an opportunity to edit, delete and import the account to the chart of accounts list. All these steps will Shirley help the user to make their financial help more organized. But suppose a user faces any problem while implementing any feature of QuickBooks. In that case, they can reach QuickBooks by contacting QuickBooks phone number or email, and a live chat option is also available. QuickBooks simplifies the bookkeeping process, and users can avail themselves of it to the maximum without worrying about errors. QuickBooks support team is always available in their customer service.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open After Windows Update?

QuickBooks provides you with the best accounting software, but it sometimes fails on the grounds of errors. Many different types of errors occur frequently. QuickBooks may not enable you to use the software after the Windows update. The window may not respond for a while in an expected state. Some technical errors can lead you to such problems. QuickBooks support always recommends the users use the updated version of QuickBooks. This blog will provide you with the troubleshooting error of QuickBooks not opening after the Windows update.

Why Don’t QuickBooks Desktop Open After Windows Update?

Users may come across errors, and there may be a popup that says QuickBooks desktop will not open, or it may automatically not respond without showing an error. You may also witness the same kind of error while opening company files. Error code 1603, error code 1935, or error code 1402 are also related to the same problem. The roots of QuickBooks Error and their solution are discussed below.

Root Of QuickBooks Won’t Open error

There can be numerous causes of this error, such as

  • Company file name exceeding the usually prescribed limit.
  • The corrupted hard drive may also lead to the error.
  • Improper installation of the software.
  • Damaged or missing QBWUSER. INI file
  • It may occur after updating the operating system that is not compatible with the outdated software version.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Not Responding After Windows Update

Before solving any problem, one needs to identify the issue and then take corrective steps. Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks that do not open error are as follows.

  • QuickBooks desktop freezes automatically while working on the same application.
  • Using an inappropriate version of QuickBooks.
  • Periodical dysfunctioning of the application
  • The speed of response decreases while using the application.
    Company files fail to open.

Ways To Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Error After Windows Update

In the above text, we have listed all the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks won’t open Error after Windows update. We recommend you understand them better before diving deep and find the methods to resolve errors, as this can be highly beneficial for users to implement the solution.

Method 1: Opening the company file from a different folder site

It might be possible that where the user keeps the file may get damaged and corrupted, and the user is trying to open the file from that location only. Users are advised to follow the chronology of steps to have satisfactory results.

Step 1: Tap on Window + E Key
Step 2: search the file with the .qbw extension on the network server. The user should search for the network drive where the file has been located.
Step 3: click the right button and copy the data.
Step 4: user should look for the C drive and make a new folder.
Step 5: name the folder as QBTEST.
Step 6: now go to the folder and paste the copied file there.
Step 7: Now open the QuickBooks software while pressing the control key.
Step 8:Select the option ‘open’ or ‘restore an existing company, then check the recent folder built by the user (C:/QBTEST)
Step 9: now open the company file, which was earlier copied to this folder.

Method 2: Remove or Rename QBWUSER.INI file

An alternate method to achieve this resolution in the least possible time is to delete or rename the QBWUSER.INI file. As this step, as a trash cleaner and transparent all unwanted and previously opened files. Users can implement these steps to complete this step.

Step 1: For this method also, the initial step is to press the Windows+E tab
Step 2: Following the above step, click on organize tab on the top left corner and tap on the folder, followed by selecting the Search option
Step 3: Now, click on the View button
Step 4: With the addition to the above step, choose under advanced settings>>hidden files and folder and then select the option to show the hidden files and folders and hit the OK button
Step 5: The navigate through the interface and go to my computer>>C:drive>>Documents >>[Your Username]>>Local settings>>Application Data>>Intuit>>QuickBooks
Step 6: Now the next step is to hit a right-click on QBWUSER.INI file and click on the delete and rename option

Users can try to fix the error by running the QuickBooks Tool Hub by downloading and following the guided steps. Also, users can suppress QuickBooks Desktop and find the issue with the company files. As we have mentioned, some facile steps to implement and resolve this error.No doubt, a regular update is essential to give the latest fix and scan to the browser. Yet nothing is free from glitches, and as a result, sometimes user faces standard error while operating QuickBooks.

If users feel the need to avail technical advice, they can freely dial the toll-free number and talk to our technical expert on the QuickBooks Customer care number. We hope you find the article helpful and have happy accounting!

How to Crack QuickBooks Admin Password?

Various cyber crimes have become a security issue for QuickBooks users working with the internet. Caring about cybersecurity concerns, it has become necessary for all users to identify QuickBooks admin password retrieval methods. Strict security measures are essential to avoid cybercrimes and protect your data. Few steps are listed below to create a QuickBooks password. Before composing a secure password, you must follow some specific methods that are given below.

  • Create a minimum of ‘seven characters password
  • At least use ‘one numeric character
  • At least use ‘one uppercase letter
  • No ‘spaces’ are allowed between the password.
  • Make password ‘case-sensitive’.
  • Make ‘passwords’ simple to remember but difficult to crack.
  • Users should mention ‘one unique character’ while creating an ‘alphanumeric password’.
  • When arranging the ‘QuickBooks admin password’; never add your social details.
  • Never share your ‘credentials’ with someone whom you don’t trust.

You must remember the QuickBooks admin password recovery method. Once you login to your QuickBooks account, then press the ‘Forgot Password’ option and try to recover it. Also, utilize the QuickBooks admin password reset tool to retrieve your lost password.

For more details, go to this blog in detail to recover your QuickBooks admin password. You can also get in touch with experts and certified professionals by calling QuickBooks customer support and discuss with them to carry out the password retrieval methods.

Steps to Crack QuickBooks Admin Password Using QB Password Reset Tool

When any unauthorized user tries to login into QuickBooks, the unwanted user must enter a password to access the company file. It has been recommended to reset the QuickBooks admin password after every 90 days to avoid any kind of security threats. You will be receiving several prompts and alerts to change a password.

Use QuickBooks automated password reset tool to crack or reset your QB admin password. It will support the user to retrieve the password successfully. Go through the steps given below.

  • First, download ‘QuickBooks automated password reset tool
  • Choose ‘QuickBooks’ version

Users have to select the previous QuickBooks version installed in their system for opening the company file. Please ensure that this version is installed in your system, where you will run the password reset tool.

  • Mention ‘QuickBooks license number’ and other essential issues information when registering your QuickBooks
  • Now, the user should press on ‘Next’ button
  • Accept the ‘license agreement’ after this. The automated tool operates when you receive messages that you entered incorrect details during login of ‘QuickBooks account’. Details entered inaccurately like
  1. Authorized username
  2. Primary email address and zip code
  3. License no.
  4. Phone no.
  5. Email address

At this point, you have to choose ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ and select ‘Save’ to keep it on your desktop.

Suppose you can’t log in to your QuickBooks account; you have to enter your new password to login into the company file. You must fill the verification form again.

Retrieve QuickBooks Password Using Security Questions

Suppose your QuickBooks password slipped from your mind; you can choose the ‘I forgot my password’ option. Carry out the below steps to reset your QuickBooks admin password.

  • Press on the ‘I forgot my password’ in the QuickBooks desktop login window
  • Choose to ‘answer security questions
  • Going ahead and you will see ‘Your password and challenge answer has been removed, and your company files are no more password protected.’
  • When the window gets closed, create a ‘new password’ and then create a ‘new answer’ and choose a ‘unique solution’ to challenge the question.

For security reasons, QuickBooks sends users a notification to change the password after every 90 days, and it will remind them regularly after some time. Create a strong password considering the below steps.

  • The length of the password should exceed ‘seven characters’.
  • Atleast use ‘one uppercase letter’; ‘unique character’ and a ‘number in the password’.
  • Ignore using ‘spaces’ in the password.


You can find ways to retrieve the QuickBooks desktop password after reading this blog. However, you can call the QuickBooks Helpline Number for any details or queries, and a technical executive will help you to reset your QuickBooks password.

Here, a hub of experts and certified professionals are available who work round the clock the best and prominent solutions for resolving all issues related to QuickBooks. Feel free to contact QuickBooks professionals and let them solve your problem.

Many talented and experienced professionals employ the QuickBooks help desk to handle every issue carefully related to QuickBooks. Once the problem is discussed with them by you, they will become active in finding the particular causes behind your problems in QuickBooks. They are good listeners and even hear you every issue silently, and then you will get the appropriate solutions to fix QuickBooks problems. As everyone knows that no software is developed bug-free, and QuickBooks may come under the same category. When massive users access it, several major and minor issues will take place and be solved instantly through QB customer care.

How to Register or Activate QuickBooks Desktop?

Once you install QuickBooks Software, learn how to register or activate it. Each time you install QuickBooks, it requires registering and activating. QuickBooks prompt the user to activate or activate it manually. When you start it, a window will appear on the screen stating that “Set up your Intuit account”.

You can log in to the Intuit account to share the information regarding existing account details while activating the QuickBooks desktop. The intuit account login is used to access multiple websites after user login to this account. A user can purchase or view products or services and download or activate the services you have already purchased.

If you are looking forward to registering or activating QuickBooks, this post will help you. If you want any assistance regarding registering or activating QuickBooks, then call at QuickBooks support number to fix it.

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Essential Points to Register or Activate QuickBooks

  • Verify the QuickBooks software is activated or not, click at F2 key or press and hold Ctrl+1 key.
  • If you have seen a message QuickBooks is activated, then you need not do anything else. If not started, then follow the next steps to activate it.
  • At the time of activation, you receive the error, “the validation code is wrong”, then move to verify the things below.
  • The validation code is right
  • Ensure that the license and the product number is correct. If the license number is not matching with the product number, then first change it before moving to activate the QuickBooks.

Follow the Steps to Register QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or Newer Versions

To register the QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or newer versions, you can follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to open QuickBooks and press F2 key on the keyboard
  • Now, check the registration status on the product information window available on the license number’s right side.
  • In case if the status is showing activated, then the user need not do anything.
  • In case, if the status is showing not activated, then follow the steps given.
  • You have to press Okay to close the product information window.
  • Next, visit the help menu and select to activate QuickBooks. But for the 2015 version, choose Register QB option
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and verify the information. It is followed by completing the activation process.
  • Receive a Thank you message after the activation process is finished.

Follow the Steps to Register or Activate QuickBooks Desktop on Mac

If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user on Mac, you have to follow the steps below to register or activate it.

  • First, go to the Menu and choose the option Register QuickBooks
  • The user has to enter either license number or product number and also select next
  • The next step is to choose the Register Online tab
  • Finally, go to follow on-screen instructions and then, complete the registration
  • You have not found the register option; then it indicates that the software is already registered.

For Older Versions:

For old versions, discontinued products unable to get registered for the first time. You have to re-register it. The user can re-register it by reinstalling it and contacting the QuickBooks customer service for the validation code.

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Register or Start QuickBooks Desktop with your Intuit Account

The activation screen showing the instructions to register QuickBooks is either with an existing Intuit Account or creating a new one. If your account is not created, you must enter the necessary information to make the user ID section and finish the activation process. If you have forgotten or lost your user ID or Password, you have followed the given steps to restore them.

  • Go to your Intuit Account
  • Next, you have to click on I forgot my user ID or password link
  • The next step is to enter the registered email, phone number or user-id
  • After that, you will get the activation code and enter it
  • Once finished, you will see the User Id and then Reset the Password
  • To close the process, log in once again with a changed password.

What Are The Errors You Face During Registering or Activating QuickBooks?

  • In case you need to find that the information mentioned is not accepted, you have to check that you are entering the same information given.
  • If you find black screen or error messages, then you should disable system antivirus software till the activation process to be completed

The information you have got from the above steps helps register or activate QuickBooks Software soon. If there is any technical glitch in it, you can call or email QuickBooks support number to troubleshoot this error. The certified and expert professional will contact you to remove this technical bug on call. You can call any time to have better assistance than any other service regarding activation or registration of QuickBooks in Desktop.

Why is my QuickBooks Desktop not Opening?

Are you looking for a solution that QuickBooks doesn’t open when you try to start? Then, you have reached the perfect platform to remove this issue. QuickBooks often encounters the most unexpected states if it doesn’t open for a couple of minutes. QuickBooks often go through various technical errors, but QB Desktop Won’t open error is destructive because it will not let you perform any task. There is no need to worry about solutions to open it again and call QuickBooks customer care to fix this error.

What are the Causes Behind QuickBooks Error?

There are various reasons behind the cause of this QuickBooks Error. Just go through the below option to check all these reasons.

  • The company name is too long
  • Another issue can be Damaged or Missing QBWUSER.INI file
  • If the hard drive is corrupted, then the user might face this encounter
  • Windows might be damaged for some reasons
  • Incorrect QuickBooks Installation
  • Incorrect QuickBooks Version or Outdated Version
  • False methods are applied to open QuickBooks
  • The file of QB is not correct one

How to Check QuickBooks facing this Issue?

In case to identify this error, the user must know the signs before this error occurs.

  • An error occurs because of an outdated version of QuickBooks
  • The system freezes periodically
  • Company files won’t open when you try to start it
  • If the system responds slowly to the mouse or keyboard inputs
  • It happens if QuickBooks not installed in a proper manner
  • The system will stop working or freeze if QuickBooks won’t start

Procedures to Solve QuickBooks Desktop Won’t Open error

There can be more than a single procedure available to remove this error. You can eliminate it by following the few below steps.

Solution-1: Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub that is developed recently to fix all problems related to QuickBooks
  • Save the file at your Windows desktop
  • Press a double-click at the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
  • To install this software, follow the on-screen commands and accept & agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • After installing it, open by pressing double-click on QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Now, select the ‘Program Problems‘ Tab
  • After this, go to the quick Fix My Program option
  • Just wait for a few seconds and open your QuickBooks data file.

Solution–2: Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  • Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is designed in such a way to diagnose and fix the issue with the help of Microsoft Content used in the QuickBooks Accounting Software.
  • First, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub program on your system
  • Then, choose Installation Issues in the tool hub
  • Now, select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool
  • Once the installation process is completed, then reboot your system
  • Start your software and open the company file.

Solution–3: Start the File of the Company from a different location

  • A situation comes when a Company File folder gets corrupted
  • Press Windows + E keys together
  • Search the data file through the network server and browse to the network drive that has the data file
  • Right-Click at the company file and press the Copy option
  • Move to C: Drive and then create a new folder with the name QBTEST
  • Open the folder and paste the company file into it
  • Open QuickBooks Accounting Software and hold the CTRL key
  • Now choose the option Open or Restore an Existing Company and also open the C: QBTEST folder that was made already
  • Now, open a company file finally.

If any issue is still showing in QuickBooks software, then call QuickBooks technical support to remove this error.

How to Fix QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway?

Whenever you visit a web page, the web browser saves data from the page in its cache memory to be load faster the next time you visit the same web page. If your browser’s cache memory is full and it is unable to store any more data, then your browser will give an error message 502 bad gateway in QuickBooks Online. You can easily remove the error message 502 bad gateway from the browser by clearing the cache memory. Further, in this blog, you will find some more reasons that may be responsible for QuickBooks Error 502 error along with its solution. You can contact QuickBooks customer support to speak with the experts who can help you resolve this error.

Why QuickBooks Online Encounters 502 Bad Gateway Error?

Some of the reasons which are responsible for the QuickBooks Online to show 502 Bad Gateway error are:

  • Web browser’s cache data is full
  • The trojan infection has infected your web browser’s internal files.
  • Intuit’s website is not added as a trusted site in your browser
  • The cache memory of QuickBooks applications is full
  • Active Scripting is turned off in your browser’s settings

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Online 502 Bad Gateway Error

You can follow below-mentioned tips for resolving the error code 502: bad gateway in QuickBooks:

Solution 1: Clear Cache and Cookies Data of the Web Browser

Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots that are present at the top right corner.
  • Then go to More Tools and select the Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Make sure to select the ‘All Time’ in the drop-down list of Time Range
  • You have to check the box next to Cookies, Other Site Data, Browsing History, Cached Images and Files.
  • Then click on the button of Clear Data.


  • Click on the three bars present at the top right and then select Options.
  • You then have to click on the Privacy and Security tab.
  • Check-mark the boxes of Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content and then click on Clear button.

Internet Explorer:

  • Open the Internet Explorer and click on the option of Tools > Internet Options.
  • Click Delete button that is there under General tab
  • You need to check the box of Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.
  • At last, click the Delete button.

Solution 2: Clear Cache Data from QuickBooks Online Desktop App

  • If you are using the QuickBooks Online Desktop app, you need to open the application first and then click on Reset App Data option under the Help tab.
  • You have to restart the app and then check if error 502 Bad Gateway is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Add Intuit as a Trusted Website in Your Web Browser’s Settings

Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options.
  • Select Trusted Sites that is present under the Security tab.
  • Click on the Sites and then type * You need to ensure to uncheck the checkbox of ‘Require server verification (https:) for all the sites.’
  • Click on the Add and then hit Close button.

Safari on Mac:

  • Open Safari web browser and type in the address bar.
  • Click on the Bookmarks and then select Add Bookmark option.
  • From the drop-down list of ‘Add this Page’ select Top Sites and then click on Add.

Solution 4: Enable Active Scripting in the Internet Explorer

  • Open the Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Internet icon
  • Select the Custom Level and then click on Enable for Active Scripting.
  • At last, hit the OK button.

If following these troubleshooting steps do not help you and you are still getting a 502 Bad Gateway message in your browser while accessing QuickBooks Online, you should take expert’s help. You can get in touch with certified technicians at QuickBooks customer care number to get a quick and permanent solution.