Have you been running QuickBooks Enterprise and discovered recently that it’s not fulfilling your needs? Do you get the feeling sometimes that you are not able to avail all the benefits of QuickBooks and that you need to upgrade to the latest version from QuickBooks? With the latest version of QuickBooks, you are able to access a lot of functionalities and features that you are not able to access in the basic version of QuickBooks software.

Should you need to upgrade to a newer version of the QuickBooks desktop program, we are here to help. In this blog, we are going to help you understand how you can upgrade the QuickBooks desktop pro, premier, or Enterprise version. We are going to give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how you can easily upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise version.

Multiple Ways you can upgrade your QuickBooks subscription

1.) Upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop with a subscription

In order to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to first buy QuickBooks software. Once you make that purchase, you will be ready to start the upgrade tool. Now, there are multiple ways to do that. For instance, you can upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop with a subscription; the other way is to update QuickBooks without a subscription. Other methods involve using Discovery Hub to upgrade and upgrade QuickBooks within the right network hosting environment.

In this section, we are going to discuss upgrading the QuickBooks desktop with a subscription. Whenever a new version of QuickBooks is available in the public domain, you’ll get a message on opening QuickBooks. Here are the steps following which the upgrade process becomes quite simple-:

1.) Once you get ready to upgrade, choose Upgrade Now
2.) Should you need to keep your current version of QuickBooks, choose to keep the old version on my Computer.
3.) Now, select Let’s go.
4.) On clicking Let’s go, QuickBooks automatically downloads and installs the latest version that you are trying to upgrade to. It also activates the latest version for you. Also, it updates your company file.
5.) Once you have upgraded, launch QuickBooks by clicking on Open QuickBooks. The process of upgrading is not an instant one. It might take some time to upgrade to the latest version. The time it takes depends on the speed of the network you have. It also depends on the size of your company file.

2.) Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop without a subscription

Not getting a prompt to upgrade is not something that you should worry about. Sometimes, when you make a one-time purchase of QuickBooks, you do not get a prompt to upgrade. It is a common discrepancy. It doesn’t require fixing. It just means that to upgrade, you would need to do it with an easy upgrade tool. You would just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop without a subscription-:
1.) First of all, you would need to go to Help and then proceed further to upgrade QuickBooks.
2.) Go to Help, where you’ll get the options to upgrade your current version of QuickBooks.
3.) In the next step, choose Upgrade QuickBooks.
4.) You would want to choose the version that you want to upgrade and then go to Upgrade Now.
5.) While you are upgrading QuickBooks Premier, you can also choose to keep your current version of the QuickBooks desktop application. To keep your QuickBooks’ current version, just choose Keep Old version on my Computer
6.) Next, you need to choose Let’s Go. This will give the go-ahead to the last command that you have given.
7.) Following the above-mentioned steps, QuickBooks will automatically download and install the latest version of the QuickBooks desktop. Not only that, but it will also activate the newer version for you. Updating your company file is also something that QuickBooks would do after following these steps.
8.) Launch the QuickBooks Desktop once again to verify that your application, indeed, has been upgraded to the newest version.

3.) Using Discovery Hub to Upgrade

Another way of upgrading the QuickBooks Premier version is by using Discovery Hub. This is an effective way of upgrading and is commonly used for this purpose. One should follow the below-mentioned steps to upgrade QuickBooks Premier by using Discovery Hub-:
1.) Using Discovery Hub to upgrade employs going to Discovery Hub and then moving on to upgrading the QuickBooks application. Therefore, the first step involves opening Discovery Hub.
2.) Next step is upgrading to the latest version available. In this case, choose Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.
3.) Choose to Proceed to Upgrade
4.) In the next step, you would get an option to Upgrade. There, select Upgrade Now.
5.) Should you need your current version as well as the latest version of QuickBooks, you should go choose the option that allows you to keep your older version. If you want to keep your current version, choose Keep Old version on my Computer. In another case, leave this option blank.
6.) Once this process, move on to Open QuickBooks.

3.1.) Using your license number

Sometimes, it so happens that while upgrading, the upgrade tool you are using is not able to locate your QuickBooks desktop purchase. Also, you do not get a prompt to let you choose a new available version for upgrading. This occurs in the case when you use different emails for the QuickBooks Desktop account and for purchasing QuickBooks. In this situation, you will need to use the QuickBooks license info that you received during the purchase of QuickBooks. Follow these steps to find and enter your license number-:
1.) To find your license number, you should be looking for the purchase confirmation email that you received on buying the product.
2.) First, enter the License number
3.) Now, fill in the Product Number and then select Continue. This will end the upgrade process.

If you are not able to locate the license number, there is a simple solution to that. You just would need to sign in to the Customer Account Maintenance Portal. This usually has the license-related information needed for Upgrade. From the QuickBooks Desktop Manager, you can download the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop. Also, you are able to download and install your QuickBooks products.

4.) Using the Right Networks Hosting Environment

Being a standard user, you can only install QuickBooks on your system or workstation. While an administrator or account owner, you have the privilege of installing QuickBooks both for yourself and for others as well. Using the right network hosting environment, you can install QuickBooks both for the right network admins and account owners as well as for the right network standard users. Given below are detailed step-by-step instructions, both for the right network admins as well as standard users.

4.1.) Installing QuickBooks for the right network admins and account owners

1.) Using your email account and password, log in to My Account of Right Networks.
2.) Go to Users
3.) Choose the specific user for which you want to apply for the license.
4.) Select Apps you can install from the user detail page. With the right networks, you get a list of all the available versions of QuickBooks. You can choose whichever version you want from the list by searching for that particular available version.
5.) Choose the QuickBooks version you want to install and then select Install. After it is installed, you will get a shortcut on your desktop. You will get a prompt, too, following the installation.
6.) You would need to sign out and sign in again to access the newly installed QuickBooks version.

4.2.) Installing QuickBooks for the right network admins and account owners

1.) Using your email account and email password, you need to log in to My Account of Right Networks.
2.) Next, you need to choose Apps You can Install
3.) Using the search bar, you need to locate the QuickBooks version you need to Install. Then choose App
4.) In the next step, you have to choose Install App. After it is installed, you get a shortcut on your desktop, and you should see a prompt on your screen
5.) The next time you log into the right networks, using your email id and password, you will see the QuickBooks icon on your desktop. If it is not available, try installing the app again.
6.) You would need to log out and log in again to access the new QuickBooks installation.

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Upgrading QuickBooks Premier requires using the Desktop Manager. One should be sure that he/she has purchased the latest release of QuickBooks. We hope that we have provided you with an effective solution to the problem of “How QuickBooks can be upgraded?”. Although, the above-mentioned procedure proves quite beneficial for somebody who is trying to upgrade their QuickBooks application.
However, if you are facing any issues regarding this particular problem or you want some other help, we are always at your service. Our adept team of learned professionals is always ready to make your problems go away. For more, kindly visit our website, QuickBooks Error, QuickBooks Error Code List – QuickBooksorg You can also get in touch with us through email or chat. We hope to serve you soon!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can I find the license number and product number after QuickBooks Update?

Ans. You should have the license number and product number handy. Sometimes, QuickBooks asks for this information. The following steps can help you to locate your license number and product number. They are as follows-:
a.) If you have purchased the product online, you might have the confirmation mail that you received after the purchase.
b.) If it came with a CD, then you might want to check the label on the CD that usually has all the information.

Q2. Does the payroll subscription also need to be updated along with the QuickBooks update?

Ans. No, the payroll does not need to be updated regularly. It will automatically find the updates for you according to your subscription.

Q3. Should the Computer be restarted after the QuickBooks update?

Ans. Yes, restarting the Computer is important as it refreshes the system and applies the changes made properly. You should restart the system and log in as the administrator, and run the software with the same privileges.

Q4. Can I restore my company file after the QuickBooks upgrade from the backup that I created before upgrading the software?

Ans. Yes, it is a good idea to restore the company file after the QuickBooks’ up-gradation. It’s quite simple to restore the file. You just need to click on the file and then choose to Restore the Company File. After that, choose the browse option and select the file to open it. The process gets complete when it opens successfully.

Q5. What are the multiple ways you can upgrade your QuickBooks subscription?

Ans. There are four methods by which you can upgrade your QuickBooks subscription-:
a.) Upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop with a subscription
b.) Upgrading QuickBooks without a subscription
c.) Upgrading using Discovery Hub
d.) Upgrading using Right Networks Hosting Environment