How Do I Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Premier?

Make your QuickBooks more efficient and simpler by upgrading it to the most recent QuickBooks Desktop. You will get newly added features and functionalities after updating QuickBooks older to a newer version. Organize your business finances in one place to become more productive with upgraded QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021.

You can also manage all your accounting tasks in one convenient place and save time by preparing invoices, handling customers, tracking income and expenses, and more. This blog will provide you with proper guidance to update QuickBooks Desktop 2021. For the quick procedure, you must call the QuickBooks customer service number to get instant tips for updating QuickBooks.

Step By Step Instructions For Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021

If you have updated your QuickBooks Desktop to a new version, upgrade the company files so that you can use them efficiently. Update your company file once to use them with a new version. Let’s focus on the troubleshooting steps one by one.

Solution – 1 Install QuickBooks

  • Initially, login as an “Admin User” to your “Windows.”
  • Next, download the “QuickBooks Desktop” latest version from “Intuit official website.”
  • Perform the “installation instructions” that appear on your “install wizards”.

Solution – 2 Preparation of Company Files

  • First, open your original “QuickBooks version.”
  • Next, access the desired “Company Files” that you wish to update
  • Now open the “Product Information Page” by clicking the “F2” button from your keyboard
  • Search the section named “File Information.”
  • Create a location note where you have saved your “Company File.”
  • After this, download and run the “Rebuild Tool” for your “QuickBooks Company” file.

Solution – 3 Update Your Company File
When you open your new version of the QuickBooks company file, QuickBooks asks to update your company file. After updating it, you can’t access the QuickBooks company file in your original QuickBooks version.

  • Firstly, ensure that no users sign in to your “company file.”
  • It means that all users must log out of your “company file.”
  • Next, open the new “QuickBooks Desktop” version
  • Now, select the “Open” or “Restore Company” option if you don’t have an open “company file” option
  • After this, move to the “File” menu and then choose the “Open” or “Restore Company” option
  • Select the option named “Open a company file” and then press “Next.”
  • Select the “Restore” backup copy, then “local backup” if you have “QuickBooks backup company file” instead of “QuickBooks company file.”
  • Navigate the computer for your “company file.”
  • Make a note of “file location.”
  • Choose the “file location” and then select the “open” option
  • Now, login to your “Company File” as an “Admin User.”
  • QuickBooks creates your existing company file backup automatically before you update.
  • Select the option “Change this default location” to save your specific folder backup.
  • After this, press “update now’ to start the updating process of “Company File.”
  • Press the “Done” button once the company file updating is completed.
  • Open your current company file through the latest QuickBooks version. You can also restore the company file if you have it on your server.

The above-mentioned detailed instruction will assist you in updating QuickBooks. So, it is required to upgrade your old QuickBooks desktop to access new advanced features, making your task easy and saving a lot of time to increase your productivity. For more help, you must dial the QuickBooks helpline number to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021. A technical professional will guide you with appropriate tips to troubleshoot any problem in QuickBooks. Listen carefully to the suggestions when a technical executive is explaining to you. A technical helpdesk is opened round the clock to assist and guide you in upgrading QuickBooks software.