QuickBooks Desktop Not Opening

QuickBooks Desktop not Opening
Are you not able to open the QuickBooks desktop application? If yes, this guide will help you provide all the relevant information about why QuickBooks is not opening and the troubleshooting methods to solve the error. So, if you also want to fix the QuickBooks Desktop not Opening problem, stay tuned and follow the solutions we mentioned later in this blog.

Possible Reasons Behind QuickBooks Desktop Not Opening

Before we directly take you with the solutions for resolving the QuickBooks not an opening problem, it’s important for you to understand the reasons why this problem is occurring. Knowing the reasons behind the error can help you to prevent the reoccurring of the error in the future. So, here are some of the possible reasons why the user may face issues while opening the QuickBooks Desktop not Opening. • The company\’s file name is too long. • PC\’s hard drive is damaged or corrupted. • When you are using the old version of QuickBooks desktop application. • PC\’s windows are not updated for a long time. • When the QBWUSER.INI (product registration file) is damaged or corrupted. • The QuickBooks desktop has not been installed properly.

How to Identify QuickBooks Desktop Not Opening ?

So, once you are cleared with all the possible reasons behind the error, let\’s look at the symptoms, which you can look for to identify the QuickBooks desktop not opening problem. • When your PC is frequently hanging. • Fails to open the QuickBooks desktop application. • Windows is running very slow to the new commands.

Ways to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Not Opening Problem

Let\’s look at the solutions you can follow to fix the QuickBooks desktop not opening problem.
Solution 1. Change the name of the QBWUSER.INI file (QuickBooks user file)
So, below mentioned are the steps that you can follow to rename the QuickBooks user file (QBWUSER.INI). • At first, locate the QuickBooks user file by navigating to the location: Users\\ [Your user name]\\ App Data\\ Local\\ Intuit\\ QuickBooks [year] • Now, under the QuickBooks folder, search for the QBWUSER.INI file and right-click on the file name. • After that, click on the \”Rename\” option and add \”.old\” at the end of the name. With that effect, the new file name will be \”QBWUSER.INI.old.\” • Moving ahead, rename the Entitlementdatastore.ecml file similarly by adding \”.old\” at the end of the name. • After that, if you can open the sample files, but the company file cannot be opened, then move the file to a new location. • If you can access your company\’s file located in another location, there was an issue with the previous folder. The folder is either damaged or corrupted. • Apart from that, if you cannot access your company\’s file, then the file may be corrupted or damaged. In this situation, you have to restore the previous backup of the company\’s file to replace it with the corrupted file. Even after performing the steps mentioned above, if the problem still occurs, jump on to the next solution.
Solution 2: Close the QBW32.exe pending process
Here are the steps that you can follow to close the QBW32.exe process. • First, right-click on the Windows toolbar menu list available at the bottom of the screen. • After that, click on the \”Task Manager\” option. • Under the task manager window, click on the \”More Details\” option. • Moving ahead, click on the \”Image header\” option to arrange the processes in alphabetical sequence. • Under the list, click on the QBW32.exe option and then click on the \”End Process\” option. Once you have ended the process, then try to open the QuickBooks desktop application again and check if you can open the QuickBooks desktop application or is it still occurring.
Solution 3: Add a new Windows Admin User
Below are the steps you can follow to create the Windows admin user on your PC. • First, hit the windows button on your keyboard and click on the \”Control Panel\” option. • Now, under the control panel settings, click on the \”User Account\” option. • Thereon, search and click on the \”Add or Remove User Account Link\” option. • After that, click on the \”Manage User\” option and the \”Add\” option. • Moving ahead, provide the administrator\’s name and domain, and click on the \”Create Admin Account\” option. • At last, click on the \”Create Account\” option and try to open the QuickBooks desktop application in the windows admin user.
Solution 4: Download and Install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is one of the best tools that the QuickBooks users can be used to solve errors and issues related to the QuickBooks desktop application. Below are the steps you can follow to use the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool to resolve the problem. • At first, you have to download the QuickBooks and install the diagnostic tool on your PC from the official website of Intuit. • Once the downloading ends, open the downloaded file and double-click on the \”QuickBookstoolhub.exe\” to commence the installation process. • After that, accept all the terms and conditions and click on the \”Install\” option. • After the application is installed on your PC, close all the background running applications and launch the tool. • Under the tool, search and click on the program installation issues option, followed by clicking on the \”QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool\” option. • Now, your PC will perform deep scanning of your PC, and this process will take around 20 minutes. • At last, once the scanning procedure ends, restart your PC and open the QuickBooks desktop application. If the QuickBooks desktop is still on your PC, try the next solution.
Solution 5: Run Quick Fix My Program Utility Tool in the QuickBooks Tool Hub
Let\’s look at the process you can follow to run the Quick Fix my program utility tool for solving the issue. • First, close the QuickBooks desktop application and open the QuickBooks tool hub. • Now, under the left side of the QuickBooks tool hub, click on the \”Program Problems\” option. • Moving ahead, click on the \”Quick Fix My Program\” option. • Now, it starts repairing all the issues preventing the QuickBooks from opening. This process will take around 20 minutes. Once the repairing process ends, restart your PC and check if the error still exists or if this solution has helped you solve the error.
Solution 6: Suppress QuickBooks Desktop Application
• First, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and thereon, double click on the QuickBooks desktop application icon. • Keep holding the Ctrl key the \”No Company” pop up Window will be open on your screen. If not done, then the QuickBooks will either hangs or may show you another error. • After that, select the company\’s file and click on the \”Open\” option.
Solutions 7: Download the Latest PC\’s Windows Update
Sometimes, updating the PC\’s windows to the latest updates can solve the problem as there can be some bugs with the current windows update, which can be resolved by updating the windows to the latest version. So, here are the steps that you can follow to update your PC\’s window. • First, go to the control panel settings on your PC. • Thereon, click on the \”System and Security\” option, and moving ahead, click on the \”Windows Update\” option. • After that, click on the \”Check for Updates\” option, and if you see any available updates, download them. • Once the updates are downloaded, click on the \”Install\” option and restart your PC. After restarting your PC, try to open the QuickBooks desktop application. After following the steps mentioned earlier, the QuickBooks desktop not opening problem will must be resolved. Read Also: How to Solve QuickBooks Sign-In Issues


So, that\’s all with today\’s blog. In this blog post, we have listed seven easy and quick solutions that you can follow to resolve the QuickBooks desktop not opening issue. In case, while following any of the solutions mentioned above, you face any problem or if you have any query related to the topic, then feel free to reach out to us through the chat box, or you can mail us your query at info@quickbooksorg.com. Our experienced and professional experts are available 24*7*365 days to answer your query.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can get various instances of QuickBooks Desktop not opening error issues. Some of these instances are – 

  • QuickBooks Desktop won’t open. 

  • Can’t open the QuickBooks application. 

  • QuickBooks has stopped working. 

  • QuickBooks won’t respond error. 

  • QuickBooks is not opening. 

When QuickBooks stops working, you may not be able to access your crucial financial information. This can hamper your workflow and also evokes disruption to your business accounting. To get rid of this situation, you can try some basic troubleshooting solutions. However, it is recommended to you that contacting an expert not only resolves the issue but also keeps your business data intact. 

We are well aware of the phrase that says – Prevention is better than cure. You can save your time and effort in troubleshooting the problem by preventing it from taking place. Update QuickBooks on a regular basis. Install the program only after ensuring that the system requirements are fulfilled for the QuickBooks application. Also, scan your company file regularly to prevent damage or corruption. 

This is also one of the possible instances of QuickBooks not responding error that occurs when you try to access the program. When you open the program, it will notice a few dots spinning on your screen, hindering the program from opening. In such a case, you need to restart your system in the first place. If the error still persists, you need to implement more advanced solutions for the error resolution.

If none of your troubleshooting solutions bring luck to the error resolution, you will have no option but to contact a trained QuickBooks professional. Once you are connected with an expert, describe the problem you are facing in detail. After hearing your problem, they will assist you with the most relevant tools, techniques, and procedures to fix your error.

Sometimes, due to the security enhancements set by the QuickBooks, users may face challenges while login into their QuickBooks application. Although to resolve this issue, users must update their account to a new Intuit account with enhanced security features.

Due to the following reasons, users may not be able open the QuickBooks desktop application after the windows updates.
• When the windows update has not been installed properly.
• The new updates of windows are not compatible with QuickBooks.
• Basic problems related to the internet settings and connection.

Open the QuickBooks desktop, click on the \”Edit\” option, and then click on the \”Preferences\” option. After that, click on the Desktop View tab option and the \”Don\’t save the desktop\” option. At last, click on the \”OK\” option and close the QuickBooks.

First, open the QuickBooks application and then click on the “File” menu and thereon, click on the Utilities option. Now, select the “Move QuickBooks to another computer” option and then click on the “Select I\’m Ready” option and provides the one-time password (OTP). At last, follow the on screen instruction and select the USB flash driver and the files will start be transferring.