A software that has been making people’s life easy since 1983 is a go-to accounting and bookkeeping. This is an application where you can take care of all your expenses, cheques, payrolls, and more. However, just like any other human-creating, this software isn’t perfect too. It does have some errors that can cause hindrance in your everyday work. One such simple error is QuickBooks Online error 502 Bad Gateway.

If you are also irked by the same solution, we are here for you. In this post, you will find the causes of this QuickBooks error and also some troubleshooting solutions for the same. Keep reading.

QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway

Error 502 Bad Gateway is an issue that usually occurs when you are trying to log into QuickBooks Online or are working on your payroll. The main cause of this problem could be a server issue. This eventually affects other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, along with QuickBooks. At times, people even lose their QuickBooks data because of it.

In QuickBooks Online, this error can also occur because of too much cache. Let us understand this. Whenever you search for anything on your browser, you leave behind your search history and cache. This gets saved on your browser. Therefore, when you use QuickBooks Online on the same browser, the existing cache works as a hurdle.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway

There are a few symptoms that can indicate that you might face QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway. Some of them are:
• If you are unable to run the latest version of QuickBooks Online on your browser
• In case you find downloaded forums on your web.
• Also, if you fail to update your QuickBooks Desktop application

What Causes QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway?

There can be various reasons behind QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway.
• Overloaded browser search history and cache
• internal files of the browser are infected by the Trojan virus
• Also, if you do not add Intuit as a trusted website.
• Additionally, you do not turn on Active Scripting in the settings of your browser.

Fix QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway

If you are having trouble using QuickBooks Online because of error 502 bad gateway, here is how you can get rid of it.

Fix 1: Empty out the Browser’s Cache and History

For Chrome

One of the major causes behind the QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway is the existing cache and history. Follow these steps to make some space for QuickBooks Online to run:
• Firstly, open your browser, which you use to run QuickBooks.
• Next, go to the More Tools option. You can locate it at the top right of the search bar under three vertical dots.
• Once you click on that, select Clear Browsing history. However, you can also access this tab by hitting the Ctrl+Shift+Delete key simultaneously from your keyboard.
• Here, you need to ensure that you change the time range to all times. Also, tick-mark every field visible on your screen.
• Lastly, hit the Clear data button, and you are good to go.

In Firefox

Now, if you use Firefox, you might need different navigation.
• To initiate the process, open Firefox.
• There, go to the three vertical dots available beside the search bar and click that.
• Next, from the drop-down list, select Options and then hit Privacy and Security.
• Furthermore, mark Cookies and site data and the Cached web content.
• Finally, click on the Clear button.

For Mac

Here is what Mac users have to follow.
• Initially, go to Finder and click on the Go option.
• Now, from the list, select Go to Folder
• Next, a pop-up will appear before you on the screen. In here, enter ~/Library/Caches and hit Go.
• The system will navigate you to the cache files.
• You will have to locate the browser file.
• Now, click on the same and delete the cache.

Fix 2: Clear Cache From QuickBooks Online

Not only your browser but QuickBooks Online also has a cache that you must clear to fix QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway.
• Go ahead and open QuickBooks Online application.
• Next, go to the Help option and choose the reset app data.
• Hit that and finally close the application.
• After some time, rerun the application to check if QuickBooks Online error 502 is fixed.

Fix 3: Add Intuit Under Trusted Websites

There is a chance that you might not have Intuit as a trusted website on your browser. This is how you can omit that.

In Chrome

To add intuit in Chrome, follow these steps:
• Firstly, on the browser, go to the three vertical dots and click them.
• From the available options, click on Settings and move ahead to the next window.
• Here, open the list of options by clicking on the three liens available beside Settings.
• Now, select Privacy and Security.
• Scroll down to locate the Site Settings options and select that.
• Next, choose the Cookies and site data tab from the list.
• Again, scroll down and click on the Add button.
• In the given space, type *intuit.com and save the changes.

For Mac

Go ahead with these steps to add intuit to Mac:
• Open Safari, and in the address bar, enter intuit.com.
• Next, go to Bookmarks and click on Add Bookmark.
• Here, go to Add this Page To option and select Top Sites.
• Furthermore, click on the Add button and save it.

Fix 4: Turn On Active Scripting

If you are still unable to fix QuickBooks Online error 502 bad gateway, check if your Active Scripting is off on the browser.
• Go to internet explorer and click on Tools.
• Under this section, select Internet Options and choose the Security tab.
• On the next window, click on Internet and then hit the Custom Level option.
• Here, locate the Active Scripting and mark Enable button.
• Lastly, hit OK, and you are done.

Fix 5: Look For Trojan Virus

There is a possibility that you are facing QuickBooks Online error 502 bad gateway because some virus or malware has infected your system. In order to do so, you can download an antivirus and scan your desktop. In case you do find a virus, then make sure you treat it and then try to run QuickBooks Online again.

Fix 6: Run QuickBooks in the Web Browser

You can also try using QuickBooks on a web browser to resolve QuickBooks Online error 502.
• Go to the official site of Intuit on a web browser.
• Now, go ahead and enter your QuickBooks account details in the form.
• Next, look for the Help button, and from there, click on Contact Us.
• Finally, select 502 gateway and hit Let’s talk.

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Wrapping Up

If you run the Online version of QuickBooks, then there is a chance that you are looking for answers to how to fix QuickBooks Online Error 502 Bad Gateway. In this case, this blog is just what you need. Here, we have included a detailed guide on this error. You must have found the causes as well as the solutions for this problem.
However, if you are still struggling with the issue and cannot get rid of it, get in touch with us directly. Write to us at info@quickbooksorg.com. Our team of experts is working around the clock and will get back to you as soon as we receive your query. Make sure that you put in your contact details correctly. This way, we will be able to connect with you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does QuickBooks Online Error 502 bad gateway indicates?

QuickBooks Online Error 502 basically means that an internet server is struggling to connect with another. It is receiving an invalid response in return. It is an HTTP status code, and we can fix it.

2. How can I fix QuickBooks Error 502 bad gateway?

In order to fix the issue, you can try the following techniques:
• Empty out Browser’s Cache and History
• Clear Cache From QuickBooks Online
• Add Intuit Under Trusted Websites
• Turn On Active Scripting
• Look For Trojan Virus
• Run QuickBooks in Web Browser

3. How Can I Clear Cache in Internet Explorer?

If you use QuickBooks on Internet Browser and want to clear the cache, follow the below-mentioned steps:
• Open Internet Browser on your desktop.
• Then, locate the Tools option and click on that.
• From the drop-down list, select the Internet choices tab.
• Next, choose the Delete tab available under the general tab.
• Furthermore, tick mark the box that holds the transient internet files.
• Finally, hit the delete button, and you are good to go.

4. What are the possible signs that I can look out for to detect QuickBooks Online error 502 bad gateway?

Check if you are facing any of the following issues. If so, then you might get an alert for error 502 bad gateway.
• In case you update QuickBooks to the latest version and struggle to operate on it.
• If you see forums installed on your browser
• Additionally, if you are unable to update QuickBooks Desktop in the first place.

5. Why can’t I find my QuickBooks data anywhere?

IF you lose your QuickBooks files, error 502 bad gateway might be one of the reasons. This HTTP status code is simple but can delete all your QuickBooks data.